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The Monroe Doctrine was a U.S. foreign policy regarding domination of the Americas in 1823. ... By the end of the 19th century, Monroe's declaration was seen as a defining moment in the foreign ...

Kerry declares the end of the Monroe Doctrine era | Al Jazeera ...


Nov 18, 2013 ... Known as the Monroe Doctrine after it was adopted in 1823 by former U.S. president James Monroe, the policy had stated that any efforts by ...

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Find out more about the history of Monroe Doctrine, including videos, ... a drive to liberate Cuba and end the last vestiges of colonialism in the Americas.

Monroe Doctrine, 1823 - 1801–1829 - Milestones - Office of the ...


The statement, known as the Monroe Doctrine, was little noted by the Great Powers of Europe, but eventually became a longstanding tenet of U.S. foreign policy.

John Kerry: "The Monroe Doctrine is over.” - Slate


Nov 19, 2013 ... Does Kerry know what the Monroe Doctrine actually says? .... were not given any preference in the negotiations to end the Creek Wars.

The Foolishness of Ending the Monroe Doctrine - theTrumpet.com


Nov 29, 2013 ... “The era of the Monroe Doctrine is over,” proclaimed U.S. Secretary of State .... coverage have you seen about the end of the Monroe Doctrine?

Latin America sees straight through John Kerry's 'Monroe' speech ...


Nov 21, 2013 ... The centuries-old Monroe doctrine has little relevance to US policy in the ... invasion – Kerry's announcement on the end of the Monroe doctrine ...

The End Of The Monroe Doctrine? John Kerry Calls For Closer Ties ...


Nov 19, 2013 ... In its first speech covering Latin America, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry preached for improved in relations throughout the region.

With Monroe Doctrine dead, Obama to host Latin American leader ...


Dec 2, 2013 ... “The U.S. has shelved the Monroe Doctrine, but it has not given up ... else plenipotentiary authority to declare an end to the Monroe doctrine?

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The Monroe Doctrine is an American Government policy statement of ... After the end of the Napoleonic Wars, Austria, Prussia, and Russia formed the Holy ...

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The US Renounces the Monroe Doctrine? | The Diplomat


Nov 21, 2013 ... Indeed, the Monroe Doctrine has formed the backbone of U.S. ... is the Obama administration calling for an end to the Monroe Doctrine even as ...

Kerry Makes It Official: 'Era of Monroe Doctrine Is Over' - Washington ...


Nov 18, 2013 ... Secretary of State John Kerry, in a speech to the Organization of American States , declared the end of the Monroe Doctrine,

Obama Puts an End to the Monroe Doctrine | White House Dossier


Apr 11, 2015 ... President Obama officially closed a chapter in U.S. history that has guided presidents since nearly beginning, indicating the United States will ...