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The crystal skulls are human skull hardstone carvings made of clear or milky white quartz (also .... Anna Mitchell-Hedges refused subsequent requests to submit the skull for further scientific testing. .... cure cancer, that she once used its magical properties to kill a man, and that in another instance, she saw in it a premonition ...


Frederick Albert Mitchell-Hedges was an English adventurer, traveler and writer. Mitchell–Hedges was most known for the discovery of the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull which he found with his adopted daughter Anna Mitchell–Hedges in Lubaantun, Belize.


Aug 5, 2008 ... Anna Mitchell-Hedges was born Anne Marie Le Guillon on 1st January .... onto a private estate near to his parent's house in Buckinghamshire.


Jun 11, 2008 ... In 1981, he contacted its elderly owner, Anna Mitchell-Hedges, the late ... Though the terms of her estate have not been finalized, he remains in ...


Apr 11, 2007 ... "Peter O'Toole sat with it for four hours, over there on the carpet - he wanted to lie down" says Anna Mitchell-Hedges, 89, as she shows the ...


Dockstader may have been courting Anna, whom he assumed to be heir to Mitchell-Hedges's estate, and as her father had donated collections, perhaps he  ...


Bill Homann inherited the crystal skull from Anna Mitchell-Hedges that was found ... by locals that the skulls possessed magical powers and healing properties.


Mar 9, 2016 ... In the 1960s, Anna Mitchell-Hedges entrusted the skull into the care of crystal ... The skull of doom exhibited some amazing optical properties.


ARTIFACT Mitchell-Hedges Skull Discovery The Mitchell-Hedges Skull (also ... into his adult years and he was particularly interested in its supernatural properties. ... The real Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull was found by Anna Mitchell- Hedges.