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In the south, people grew rice along the Yangtze river, ate a good deal of fish, ... Because of this the early civilization of China developed more independently than those of the Indus, Tigris and Euphrates, and Nile River valleys, which were always in contact with each other. ... Shang Dynasty and Western Zhou ----771 BC.

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Two of the first commonly noted human civilizations began near the eastern Mediterranean sea. ... Soon after, the Nile River valley of ancient Egypt was unified under the ... In time, large empires developed in Asia Minor, such as the Hittites. ... over the inland river valleys that had once been the heart of the great powers.

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It began about 8000 b.c. and lasted until around 4000 b.c.—about 4,000 years. ... Farming soon spread along the Nile River and into other regions in Africa. ... By 5000 b.c., farmers in Southeast Asia were growing rice. .... The first civilizations developed in river valleys, where fertile land made it easy to grow crops and feed  ...

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Around 3000 BC Uruk was home to some 40,000 to 50,000 people and covered more than ... The world's first civilizations formed from some of these early cities. ... The first civilizations arose in fertile river valleys—the Tigris and Euphrates in Southwest ... Along with writing, people in early civilizations developed calendars .

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Q: In what year of BC and along what river and river valleys did the...
A: 3000; Indus; Yellow Read More »
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Q: What were the four first river valleys that civilization formed a...
A: The first River-Valley civilizations were form... Read More »
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Q: Around 3000 BC the first Asian civilizations arose along what riv...
A: The Indus River (now Pakistan) and the Yellow River (now China). Read More »
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Q: The and River valleys were home to the first Asian civilizations ...
A: Indus; Yellow; 3000. Read More »
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Hominids first emerged in Africa at least five million years ago, and for ... forerunners, humans formed larger communities, devised better tools and ... A hominid band returning from the hunt could sit around the fire, cook ... along gender lines. ...... Early States and Civilizations Emerge in River Valleys, 4000– 2000 B.C.E.