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A peek into GM's connected car future - Fortune


Mar 27, 2015 ... By crowdsourcing data from all of its cars on the road, GM can ... what 4G connectivity and data collection efforts will do for its cars in the future, ...

Consumers Are in the Connected Car's Driver Seat in 2015 | WIRED


Since last year's CES, the connected car has been a hot topic for the ... They all aim to bring the functionality of your mobile device right to your vehicles ... Inevitably, future conversations will continue to highlight the clash between ... The benefits data will incur for driver will drown the fear stemming from the .... So do ...

Connected Cars: Motoring Towards Our Inevitable Future | Wall ...


Oct 21, 2015 ... Our Connected Car Future Is Motoring Closer. Published Wed, Oct ... How do you know when the future is closer than ever? Well, one tip-off is ...

Safe Big Data drives the future of Connected Car | m2m Telefónica


Nov 12, 2015 ... The future of Connected Car is implicitly driven by at least three ... But above all it is driven by the need to create a safe tech framework that ...

Connected Cars | Article: Driving lessons


Connected cars represent an exciting evolution for consumers, car ... All new cars in Europe will have to facilitate network connectivity, under plans ... as insurers are interested in collecting data to have a better understanding of what is ... lower rates on the provision of evidence that they do not drive their vehicles very often.

What's driving the connected car | McKinsey & Company


How shared-services organizations can prepare for a digital future ... This is the connected car—a vehicle able to optimize its own operation and ... First, consumers worry about digital safety and data privacy (exhibit). ... it came to fears about vehicles being hacked, where significant concerns were evident in all markets.

The Connected Car: Remaking the transportation and mobility ...


Nov 23, 2015 ... A connected car analyzes, learns and predicts. ... This is what the vast majority of our cars will be able to do in the future. .... All this data would need to be stored and broadcasted, which could pose a security threat as ...

The Future of the Connected Car - AT&T


... working toward a connected car that takes advantage of next-generation data speeds, ... AT&T* has two major initiatives to lead innovation in the connected car ... to lead the future of the connected car with the launch of the AT&T Drive Studio ... the in-car experience better for the driver and passengers, all doing so safe...

The Road Ahead For Connected Cars - ReadWrite


Aug 24, 2015 ... See also: The Developer Opportunity For Connected Cars In The Here Maps Acquisition ... improved vehicle designs and safety technology have much to do ... will allow cars to broadcast their position, speed and other data to nearby vehicles. ... The future is hard to predict, but, based on present trends, ...

​Very smart cars: Why the car is the next home of the connected self


Jun 12, 2015 ... Meanwhile, 80% said they expected the connected car of the future to ... And thanks to the data from the app, you'll know if the mechanic is talking out ... location of the car, the speed, limit the speed, lock the doors, do all sorts ...

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The bright future of connected cars In the fast lane - Strategy - PwC


Executive summary. You may not be able to leave all the driving to your car yet, but you ... automatically send data to insurance companies and fleet owners. Technologies ... customer-facing parts of their business than they do now. There is a ...

The Future of Connected Cars - Line / Shape / Space


Oct 22, 2015 ... The future of connected cars is Automatic Labs, a hardware startup linking ... do become commonplace, won't replace the legions of vehicles already on the road. ... And from that port, it collects all the data your car produces, ...

IoT Drives The Future Of Connected Cars - InformationWeek


Mar 25, 2015 ... Connected cars will transform the way we interact with our vehicles. ... account for the large amount of data these sensors and devices will collect, and how ... It was impossible to do all what I had planned to do and see there.

The Future of Connected Cars - Dassault Systèmes


Discover how connected cars and the next generation of intelligent vehicles will change ... How do driverless cars work? ... And how safe is it to put your life in the hands of an autonomous vehicle that makes all your decisions for you? ... "A central computer system analyzes the data to control acceleration, steering and ...

Here's how Ford is using connected car data - Fortune


Sep 30, 2015 ... Ford believes that connected car data could reduce rates for safe ... issue of Fortune magazine with the headline “How Ford quantifies its future.