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What is the probability that a corn plant with the genotype Rr crossed with a corn ... The genotype is always the "gene formula", in this case Rr. The phenotype is ...


The combination of alleles carried by an individual is its genotype. ... True- breeding round peas would have two copies of the R allele and a genotype of RR.


genotype = the genes of an organism; for one specific trait we use two letters to ... if that organism's genotype is homozygous recessive (two little letters, like "rr").


Aug 30, 2016 ... The probability that the offspring with have wrinkled seeds is 50%.


Mar 27, 2013 ... Genotype is the genes that we have and phenotype is the trait those ... If this is the case, then R is dominant over r because RR and Rr are the ...


pea plant appears purple in color (its phenotype is purple), its genotype ... Again, Mendel crossed a pure breeding round seeded variety (RR) with a pure ...


Answer to A garden pea plant that has the genotype Rr for its smoothed pea phenotype (R: smooth allele) The garden pea plant is (d...


The cross would look like: RR X rr (Dominant traits are indicated with capital ... All of the offspring have the same genotype (Rr) and the same phenotype (round).


P1 Cross: RRYY x r r yy. ry. Genotype: RrYy. RY. RrYy. Phenotype: Round yellow seed. Genotypic ratio: All alike. Phenotypic ratio: All Alike ...