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Ancient Greek medicine


Ancient Greek medicine was a compilation of theories and practices that were constantly ... Another way ancient Greeks sought relief from their ailments was through help from the healing god Asclepi...

Science in Ancient Greece - Crystalinks


Ancient Greek philosophers proposed many theories to account for the from ... in Egypt, each house had a personal cistern for their own water for their own use.

Ancient Visions


... had all opted, in their own different ways, for an incorrect theory of vision. ... The ancient greeks had already noticed this "fire" gleaming in animals' eyes ( Pliny ...

Ancient Astronomy, Science And The Ancient Greeks - Explorable.com


The Ancient Greeks were the driving force behind the development of western ... and science, their philosophers learning from the work of others and adding their own ... Perhaps they saw their theories as reading the mind of the gods and ... but we have to remember that Anaximander had no concept of gravity, and could ...

On "Nature" and "Theory": A Discourse with the Ancient Greeks


The Greeks had a word for it, physis, first used in a prominent way by Heraclitus, ... Growth occurs on its own, undisturbed, but according to a predetermined and ...

2. The Greek Invention of Scientific Theory - Institute for Astronomy


Scientific Theory. The Greek context ... Many were ports and had maritime trade with Egypt and .... element seeks its own natural place, and forced motion.

Greek theories on eugenics - NCBI


suggested that the ancient Greeks had contributed ... supplying their city states with the finest possible ..... criticizes Plato's views and then proposes his own.

Ancient Political Philosophy (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)


Sep 6, 2010 ... In the case of political philosophy in particular, the ancient Greek classification ... Thus while all societies have had politics, and also organized reflection on .... the powerful in any city imposing laws to serve their own interests. ..... Politics, see the entry on Aristotle's political theory) needs to have a ...

Ancient Ethical Theory (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)


Aug 3, 2004 ... Virtue is a general term that translates the Greek word aretê. .... Each theory, as we shall see, has its own approach to the nature of the link ... Of course, the ancients had a rough idea of what just actions were; and this rough ...

Religion and Morality (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)


Sep 27, 2006 ... This is significant, given that Aristotle's ethical theory is (like Plato's) 'eudaimonist' ..... But the picture is over-simple because the Greeks had room in their .... The other major order of friars, the Franciscan, had its own school of ...

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Greek Philosophy - Ancient History Encyclopedia


Jun 11, 2013 ... Their main concern was to come up with a cosmological theory purely based on ... Before the time of Socrates, philosophers' main concern had been the .... since the outcome of our attempt is not fully under our own control.

Major Theories Of History From The Greeks To Marxism


Historical materialists would be untrue to their own principles if they failed to .... Thucydides, the pre-eminent Greek historian, declared that he had written his ...

80.05.11: The Origin of Life:Ahistory of Ancient Greek Theories


The purpose of this unit is not to impart scientific knowledge for its own sake. Rather, it is ... These questions had always been pondered by the ancient Greeks .