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What is the subordinate clause of The guinea hens that your ...


"that your neighbor raises" is the subordinate clause. ... What is the subordinate clause of The guinea hens that your neighbor raises are better than. Edit. Answer by Norvellwisdom. Confidence votes 20.1K. "that your ...

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Oct 15, 2014 ... Perched high in treetops, guinea fowl aren't the classically ... King said urbanites buy the noisiest, screechiest birds from him to satisfy vengeance against their complaining neighbors. ... Watchdogs. ... How to Raise Chickens for Farm-Fresh Eggs .... My guineas were coop trained in less than 2 weeks.

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Book on raising Guineas states they eat bees, Book on raising Bees ... One of my neighbors has a 20 - 25 hen flock of guinea hens that roam around my place at will. ... told they are good watch "dogs" I just don`t know how the neighbors would like the extra noise. ... Guineas are even better at eating bugs.

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Keeping Guinea Fowl to Reduce Ticks and Bugs ... Just over a year after raising guineas, not only was I able to enter flower ... The Farmer's Watchdog ... Unlike chickens, guinea fowl can run faster, fly higher, range further and “sing” louder than ... At my place, there is a special area in the back yard near their house that we ...

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Better pest control than chickens as they don't tear up the garden. .... of Raising Guinea Fowl | My neighbor has them and they are so fun to watch :) ... geese in Roman times, have multiple uses for their farmers, including acting as watchdogs .

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I've often wondered about raising guinea fowl, but have not yet taken the leap. ... Our next door neighbor owned a good-sized farm and raised these birds, ... I was never able to to go to their home without the guineas announcing my arrival. ... that you can eat; Guineas are excellent meat birds (Many say better than chicken) .

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Jul 13, 2012 ... I have taught my dog to understand that our guineas and chickens are part ... I recall a neighbor having a flock of guineas when I was a kid of about ... They act more like siblings than different species! .... Serval Vs. Guinea Fowl - Duration: 3: 00. ... How To Raise Chickens - The Benefits of Free-Range Eggs!

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Feb 11, 2009 ... can you give me some pros and cons on raising peacocks? ... They do scream day or night-the guineas are good watch dogs. ... My neighbor about a 1/4 of a mile away says he can hear him. ... with them the better. ... If you do a Goggle search on Guinea hens you will find very good book on raising them.

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Mar 28, 2007 ... The easiest way to get Guineas to stay around is to raise them from babies. .... I love them, they are way hardier than chickens and their eggs taste better (at least I think so). .... I do have a question though, if you call a female guinea a hen then what do you call a .... MY neighbor owned 6 of these noisy birds!

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Or hens in a moveable paddock plus mobile shelter daytime, then into the coup at night. ... On the other hand the guineas are almost as good as a watchdog and very ... town encroached around us and the neighbors don't like loud, noisy critters ... I'll share my experience raising chickens and guineas together. i didn't have...

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Is there an adverb clause in The guinea hens that your neighbor ...


No. It is an adjective clause (that your neighbor raises) modifying the noun " guinea hens.".

whats invovled with keeping guinea hens please? [Archive ...


I'm over run with ticks and its driving me mad, I just pulled one off my horse the other ... no: Do they stray? will they drive the neighbors nuts? do people lend them out for ... eta, I"mm googling, its a bit of an artform starting from raising keets. .. ok. .... tradewind, are chickens easier to keep than guinea fowl?

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Aug 5, 2015 ... Many times the guineas get the geese going and then we hear a cacophony of ... I LOVE MY GUINEA'S THEY ARE AN AMAZING ANIMAL. .... We only had cows but a neighbor had guineas and peafowl. ..... They forage and chase bugs better than my chickens and help a lot in destroying ticks in the yard.