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that your neighbor raises is the subordinate clause. mykel howard. ... Why is a guinea pig better than a hamster? Guinea pigs are ... What are Guinea hens?


It is an adjective clause (that your neighbor raises)modifying the noun guinea hens.. ... a female Guinea Pig. I wouldn't say one gender is better than the other.


E.g. In the sentence "The corn that your neighbor raises", "that your neighbor ... " corn" which is a noun so "that your neighbor raises" is an adjective phrase. ... in The guinea hens that your neighbor raises are better than watchdogs? No. It is an adjective clause (that your neighbor raises) modifying the noun "guinea hens." .


12 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before I Got My First Guinea Fowl ... sure enough my neighbor would go into his coop and find my guinea rooster roosting ... I was not prepared for how great of watchdogs these birds were going to be for ... However, if you want them to come home and roost then they'll need a coop.


The helmeted or domesticated guinea hen is a larger species than other guineas. ... Our next door neighbor owned a good-sized farm and raised these birds, ... I was never able to to go to their home without the guineas announcing my arrival. ... you can eat; Guineas are excellent meat birds (Many say better than chicken).


Guinea Hens... these and the peacocks are Awesome, but the neighbors would complain about ALL THE ... Explore Guinea Fowl, My Boyfriend, and more!


This excerpt, which provides information on raising guinea fowl on a farm or homestead, ... Then again, their screeching may discourage you and annoy your neighbors. ... that they serve as excellent watchdogs and will warn you of any unusual occurrence on your farm. ... Guineas also like to nest and raise their own keets.


Mar 28, 2007 ... The easiest way to get Guineas to stay around is to raise them from babies. ..... I love them, they are way hardier than chickens and their eggs taste better (at least I think so). .... I do have a question though, if you call a female guinea a hen then what do you call .... MY neighbor owned 6 of these noisy birds!


Here are 5 reason you might decide NOT to raise guineas. ... You'd better cover your ears until they find each other again! 2. They can be bullies. ... Guinea hens are a little different than broody chickens in that they will sit on eggs and raise young together. .... I think for me it's a win win…ill see what my neighbors think…


Oct 15, 2014 ... Perched high in treetops, guinea fowl aren't the classically handsome of the bird family, appearing more like mutated vultures than a downy chicken. ... But once they grow older they are worthy watchdogs, fighting off trespassers ... birds from him to satisfy vengeance against their complaining neighbors.