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that your neighbor raises is the subordinate clause. mykel howard. ... A subordinate clause is important than the main clause? Yes. Edit. Share to: ... The guinea hens ,that my neighbor raises, are better that watchdogs. Edit. Share to:.


What is the subordinate clause to the guinea hens tat my neighbor raises are better than watchdogs? The guinea hens ,that my neighbor raises, are better that  ...


E.g. In the sentence "The corn that your neighbor raises", "that your neighbor .... an adjective clause (that your neighbor raises) modifying the noun "guinea hens.


Here are 5 reason you might decide NOT to raise guineas. ... You'd better cover your ears until they find each other again! 2. ... I recently shared my thoughts on free range chickens, but I assume if you want to ... Guinea hens are a little different than broody chickens in that they will sit on eggs and raise young together.


Oct 15, 2014 ... Perched high in treetops, guinea fowl aren't the classically handsome of the bird family, appearing more like mutated vultures than a downy chicken. ... But once they grow older they are worthy watchdogs, fighting off trespassers ... birds from him to satisfy vengeance against their complaining neighbors.


12 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before I Got My First Guinea Fowl ... sure enough my neighbor would go into his coop and find my guinea rooster ... I was not prepared for how great of watchdogs these birds were going to be ... We raise meat rabbits and unfortunately these stray dogs had figured out we had them.


Have you ever considered raising your own guinea fowl? ... But now, I've learned so much about how to raise them, and why they are so amazing that I think ...


I want to raise them together to free range and come into a coup with ... Or hens in a moveable paddock plus mobile shelter daytime, then ... On the other hand the guineas are almost as good as a watchdog ... I'll share my experience raising chickens and guineas together. i ... The more space, the better.


I remember well my neighbor always had guinea fowl around their farm! ... someone comes around! they are better than any dog I ever owned for keeping watch!