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Macula of retina


The macula or macula lutea is an oval-shaped pigmented area near the center of the retina of ... It is a small pit that contains the largest concentration of cone cells. The retina contains two type...

Which part of the eye has the highest concentration of cones ...


The macula has the highest concentration of cones in the eye. Most of the detailed vision comes through the work of the...

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This area has the greatest concentration of cones and is responsible for most of our ... The highest concentration of pigment in the RPE is found in the peripheral  ...

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There are about 6.5 to 7 million cones in each eye. They process bright light and color and are responsible for color vision. The highest concentration of cones is ...

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It contains the highest concentration of cones which provide both color and detail vision.The macula is “ground zero.” When we look at things we look with our ...

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The macula contains the fovea and foveal pit where visual acuity is highest. ... acuity and color vision are the best because of the high concentration of cones.

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Dec 17, 2015 ... Which of the following areas has the highest concentration of cones? Fovea centralis. Of the following structures, the only one that contains ...

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Aug 10, 2001 ... The photoreceptors in the fovea are almost entirely cones, with the highest concentration in the retina here. At the fovea, the inner layers ...

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The retina contains two varieties of receptor cells, called rods and cones, that ... tiny pit containing the highest concentration of cones and provides the sharpest ...

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As Figure 3.1 shows, the fovea contains no rods, but it does contain the highest concentration of cones. There are approximately 50,000 cones in the human ...

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Color variation is due to concentration and distribution of melanocytes. ... The fovea contains the highest concentrations of cones, resulting in the sharpest vision.

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The fovea contains the highest concentration of cones and barely any or no rods, it is located in the macula lutea region. The optic nerve where the messages ...

The part of the eye that contains the highest concentration of cones


The part of the eye that contains the highest concentration of cones? The part of the ... What is A highly vascular layer of the eye that containing rods and cones?