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A painter is standing at the base of a ladder that is leaning against the side of a house What angle do the ladder and the house form? It can be any angle that is ...


Question #1: (Since you left our house early), we washed the car. ... Question #24 : The ladder (that is leaning against the house) belongs to our neighbor.


Jun 8, 2007 ... Someone dumping rubbish against your house wall is also trespass, as is ... By law, the fruit belongs to your neighbour, as does any fruit that ...


Feb 24, 2013 ... My next-door neighbor has a sloping driveway with an 8-foot-high retaining ... Who's responsible if the wall collapses and some of my property ...


My father has told the neighbors that the parking spot on the street in front of our house belongs to us. ... My father was a house painter, a good-looking man of average height, with a broad chest and muscular arms and shoulders. ... She was supposed to leave a ladder leaning against the garden shed in her backyard.


Oct 5, 2012 ... Q We own an 1880s terrace house in which the party wall between us and our neighbour is constructed of rubble-stone, river earth and lime.


Oct 10, 2012 ... Even a toy drone with an HD camera scrambles our sense of property and privacy rights. ... "If you were to take your Parrot drone over my house, I suppose at one level, .... a blow against signature victories for racial equality in America. ... in Colorado: left-leaning Boulder and right-leaning Colorado Springs.


Jul 2, 2010 ... I don't know very much about this barn because it belongs to our neighbor, whose land we ... It served as a place to store hay, house the farm animals such as the draft horses who ... Binder twine saved for a later date still lies on a loft ladder step. Loft Ladder. Binder Twine. A gate leans against the wall.


While you do not want to annoy your neighbors with floodlights that shine in their ... may as well just leave your ladder leaning against the outside of your house, ...


Apr 16, 2014 ... A tree planted on your neighbour's land belongs to them, and they will ... have damaged your drains or a branch falls on your house, they will ...