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The Pax Mongolica (Latin for "Mongol Peace"), less often known as Pax Tatarica) ("Tatar ... The new Mongol Nation quickly moved to annex more territory. ... As a result, the trade rou...

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The most important outcome of the Mongol Peace was safe trade routes from China to the Middle East and Europe. The Mongols of 13th and 14th century Asia  ...

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Often referred to as Pax Mongolia, it was a time during the reign of the Mongols in which their entire empire which stretched from Eastern Europe to China ...

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What is the term for the period of peace brought about by the mongols in Asia between 1250 ... What was the most important outcome of the mongol peace? ... was a result of the peace in Asia in the 13th and 14th centuries under Mongol rule?

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Pax Mongolica, also known as the Mongol Peace was a period of time where ... Due to the enormous territory the Mongols occupied and the importance of trade  ...

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(empire of the Great Khan) being the central and most important. The other Mongol states were the Chaghatay khanate in Central Asia (ca. 1227–1363), the.

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Perhaps most importantly, the Mongol empire inextricably linked Europe and Asia and ... importance of trade from the very earliest times and, unlike the Chinese, they had a positive attitude ... Pax Mongolica: The Mongolian Peace .... the result was an attack by the Mongols, who desperately needed the products the Jin ...

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Nov 15, 2015 ... Growth from this peace was lucrative; Muslim merchants began trading so heavily that ... This infrastructure and desire for luxury goods, both the result of conquest, ... The most highly sought commodity on the Mongol Silk Road was cloth-of-gold. ... The importance of Samarkand as a trade city is paramount, ...

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What effect did the Mongol Empire's expansion have on Europe? ... Mongolica" - a century of peace among neighboring peoples who were all under Mongol rule. ... into a series of small self-governing city-states, the most important being Kiev.

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Unlike the Xiongnu, however, the Mongols would conquer most of the major sedentary centers producing ... The result was a mixed blessing. ... of a Pax Mongolica (Mongol Peace) on the trade routes, even if its benefits were far from uniform. ... As in other examples, here we can see the importance of trade to the Mongols.