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The older antihistamines caused this side effect in many patients


Answer is B. drowsiness.

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The older antihistamines caused this side effect in many patients. A. Runny nose C. Difficulty in breathing. B. Drowsiness D. Increase in appetite 7. This drug is ...

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The older first generation H1-antihistamines penetrate readily into the brain to .... are often ineffective in completely relieving symptoms in many patients for whom .... they have unwanted side effects and the potential for causing severe toxic ...

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Many patients with chronic nerve pain find that venlafaxine (Effexor) — which also spares .... Older people are particularly vulnerable to the other adverse effects of ... Some antihistamines are also used to prevent motion sickness, nausea, ...

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If possible, patients should take antihistamines before an anticipated allergy attack. ... and clemastine (Tavist) cause more severe side effects (such as drowsiness) ... Claritin is available over-the-counter and is approved for children ages 2 and older. ... Although oral steroids can have many side effects, the nasal- spray form ...

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Some patients may benefit from non-drug therapies for nasal symptoms, such as nasal ... What are the side effects of antihistamines? Most of the older over-the- counter antihistamines produce drowsiness, and are therefore ... The first few doses cause the most sleepiness; subsequent doses are usually less troublesome.

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Some effects of histamine include swelling and itching (such as in the lining of the ... It turns out that histamine is only one of many chemicals that can cause narrowing of the bronchial tubes, and antihistamines leave these ... The older, " first-generation" antihistamines can have many undesirable side ... Patient Resource...

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The newer antihistamines cause less drowsiness than the older ones .... In addition, a patient might get relief from an ..... of effectiveness, safety, or the side effects they cause. ..... consistently find that many older medicines are as good as , and ...

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Histamines attach to the cells in your body and cause them to swell and leak fluid . ... Because 1 of the most common side effects of first-generation antihistamines is ... However, side effects can be a concern for older adults or people who have ... Many OTC cold and allergy medicines contain antihistamines, and some ...

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Nov 13, 2015 ... Older antihistamines can cause falls in the elderly. Antihistamines can have many side effects including sedation, drowsiness, ... The inability to urinate can be a problem for many older patients specifically those who already ...

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Older antihistamines, nonprescription Benadryl and Chlor-Trimeton, and ... This content reflects information from various individuals and organizations and may offer ... What are the Most Common Prescription Drugs That Cause Side Effects? Play ... Opthalmological Agent · Otic Agent · Patient Education · Respiratory ...

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Antihistamine medications block or reduce histamine-mediated effects at one of ... These patients also often have coexisting conditions and often take multiple ... by the manufacturer, they can cause serious central nervous system side effects, ... antihistamines and other highly anticholinergic medications in older patients.

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The side-effects most commonly experienced are minor. ... These effects are mainly caused by the older first-generation antihistamines which are described ...