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Jul 4, 2006 ... A person whos is slightly drunk? heavily drunk? ... it will make you able to function again for a while. bread will soak up the alcohol makes the effect less noticeable as well. ... The only thing that makes a person sober is time.

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The average person can metabolize about 1 standard drink per hour, which is a) ... affect this at all, and again nothing can shorten the time it takes to metabolize the ... to a single thing. if it was a party outside i stick to screwdriver only. or go for a ... you 'd be sober when you wake up. the only problem would be the hangove...

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Your weight affects the percentage of alcohol in your blood. A heavier person ... Spreading out drinking over time will result in a lower peak BAC, other factors being equal. For example .... Time is the only thing that will sober you up. It takes a lot longer than most people think for the body to eliminate alcohol. If fact, it takes ...

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This is a free service to those affected by drug and alcohol misuse and also offers ... The only thing your body needs is time — depending on your weight, it takes about ... TRUTH: Cold showers, coffee and exercising will not sober up someone  ...

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This Alcohol 101 primer will not only teach you new things but also remind you of ... It may take an hour to metabolize a drink, but it takes approximately thirty ... People who do not eat before drinking can have a BAC three times higher ... Whether you are drunk or simply buzzed, the only thing that will sober you up is time.

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Myth: I can sober up quickly if I have too. ... The only thing your body needs is time--depending on your weight, it takes about 3 hours to ... and the hormonal changes during your period are know to affect alcohol absorption as well. ... Truth : A person who drinks heavily without becoming intoxicated had built up a tolerance.

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The only thing that you can do to sober up will be to not consume anymore ... hangover, then you may want to reconsider your alcohol intake next time. ... The answer is yes, taking a bath either hot or cold will wake you up but it will not affect the ... either a person takes a bath or not or whether the person is awake or asleep.

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Do not induce yourself to vomit if you are feeling okay, only do it when you feel you ... Another thing to keep in mind while drinking is for you to make sure you eat healthy ... Sleeping can cause you to sober up quickly by passing the time and ..... takes enough rest, the effect of the alcohol will wore off and make you sober up.


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Heavier people will be less affected by the same amount of alcohol than lighter people. ... If you have only one drink per hour, the liver can keep the body's blood alcohol concentration at a .... It takes a long time to sober up. A person with a ...

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... less alert. Following are things you can do to help you stay alert and safe. ... Sleep is the only thing that can overcome fatigue. ... A drinker can control the amount of alcohol that he/she takes in by having fewer drinks or none. ... Some people can drink a lot and not be affected by it. ... Only time will help a drinker sober u...

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