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... said in a previous post that time is the only thing that can sober someone up. ... no way of knowing exactly how long it will take but some things that could affect ...

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When you consume alcohol, it takes time for your body to process and filter out the ... your REM sleep is affected and you don't spend as much time in a deep sleep. ... If you pee, you will only rid yourself of the liquids you drink, but the alcohol that ... No, the amount of urine you produce will not inherently sober you up faste...

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Body Weight. Your weight affects the percentage of alcohol in your blood. ... The faster a person consumes alcohol, the more quickly BAC will reach its peak. Spreading out drinking over time will result in a lower peak BAC, other factors being equal. For example .... Time is the only thing that will sober you up. It takes a lot .....

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Jul 5, 2013 ... Ask anyone how to sober up and you will get a wide range of answers, with most ... your body, drinking water has no effect on the time it takes to sober up. ... There is only one clear way to sober up and that is – stop drinking.

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alcohol will affect driving. ... only thing that can make a person sober is time. ... The majority (90 percent) of the alcohol detoxified is oxidized (burned up) by ... Note: Under state law, refusal to take a breath test is equal to driving with a BAC.

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Jun 13, 2014 ... Myth 1: Caffeine (or a Shower) Can Sober You Up ... So, the next time you find yourself trying to sober up, skip the coffee and just wait it out. ... Alcohol does all kinds of things to your body, but killing brain cells is not ... alcohol doesn't kill brain cells, but it does affect how the brain works. .... Take d...

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This Alcohol 101 primer will not only teach you new things but also remind you of facts you ... It may take an hour to metabolize a drink, but it takes approximately thirty minutes ... Several things factor into how much alcohol affects you. ... Whether you are drunk or simply buzzed, the only thing that will sober you up is time.

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Learn whether drinking coffee can help a person sober up. ... However, coffee can affect your drunken state by tricking your mind into ... I also agree that epinephrine will be released, but this will just seem to wake you up, but in reality it will just ... Discovery Store · Discovery Times Square · MythBusters: The Expl...

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This is a free service to those affected by drug and alcohol misuse and also offers ... The only thing your body needs is time — depending on your weight, it takes about ... TRUTH: Cold showers, coffee and exercising will not sober up someone  ...

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This effect can be fatal. Alcohol ... It takes one hour for your body to get rid off one standard drink. Nothing ... Time is the only thing that will help you sober up. ... Call a taxi, stay the night, or catch a ride with someone who has not been drinking.

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The average person can metabolize about 1 standard drink per hour, which is a) a mixed drink ... once you've ingested the alcohol, you just have to wait for your body to ... doesn't affect this at all, and again nothing can shorten the time it takes to metabolize the alcohol. ... There really is no such thing as an "average...

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Factors that will affect the BAC in a person: • How much ... What it takes to become impaired: blood alcohol concentration .... Time is the only way to sober up.

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The only way to truly sober up is to stop drinking and wait for the alcohol to ... While there's no instant cure for being drunk, there are things you can do to... ... Alcohol has a dehydrating effect, so it's important that you offset this by drinking plenty of water. .... How long do I have to wait after drinking to pass an al...