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Bromine is a chemical element with symbol Br and atomic number 35. It is a halogen. .... with chlorine gas. In this treatment, bromide anions are oxidized to bromine by the chlorine gas. 2 Br<sup...

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Jun 28, 2016 ... By definition, the oxidation state of all elements in their natural state is 0. Br2 is the ... How is the ionic compound of strontium and bromine determined? How do you determine the chemical formula for bromine gas?

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The oxidation number of bromine in bromine fluoride is 1. ... Colour: pale brown ( because of Br2); Appearance: gas; Melting point: -33°C (disproportionates) ...

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Bromine vapour and hydrogen combine with a mild explosion if you put a flame in. ... with the phosphorus and the liquid bromine than between phosphorus and chlorine gas. ... The iron has been oxidised from an oxidation state of zero to +3.

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Bromine can be prepared by bubbling chlorine gas through a solution of sodium ... The oxidation number of bromine changes from -1 to 0: bromine is oxidized.

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The completion of this work required a number of individuals and groups to contribute ... 6.2.3 Mercury-Bromine Radical Oxidation via Bromine Gas

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Common Oxidation Numbers for the Halogens, General Trends in Halogen ..... Bromine reacts with chlorine, for example, to give BrCl, which is a gas at room ...

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Oct 21, 2012 ... Bromine gas is used to make fire-retardant chemicals used on children's pajamas . ... NaBr + NaOBr Reduction: Br2(o) = Br(-1) Oxidation: Oxygen gets oxidized ... Possibly there is trouble with the state of NaOBr(aq), but since ...

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Mar 12, 2014 ... There is more contact between phosphorus and liquid bromine than between ... A common reaction between hot sodium and chlorine gas produces a bright ... Iodine is only capable of oxidizing iron to the +2 oxidation state.

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Chlorine displaces bromine from potassium bromide and iodine from ... The oxidation state of the halogen in the halide ion changes (increases) from –1 to 0, ... ion e.g. Cl + e<sup>–</sup> ==> Cl<sup>–</sup> which has a stable noble gas electron structure like argon.

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The most stable oxidation state of the element is −1, in which bromine occurs ... A solution of the gas in water is called hydrobromic acid, a strong acid that ...

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Oxidation numbers are assigned to elements using these rules: ... Chlorine, bromine, and iodine usually have an oxidation number of –1, unless they're in ...

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Element Bromine (Br), Group 17, Atomic Number 35, p-block, Mass 79.904. Sources, facts, uses, scarcity (SRI), podcasts, alchemical symbols, videos and ...