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Seismometers are instruments that measure motion of the ground, including those of seismic .... The first ever earthquake recorded by this seismoscope was supposedly .... This is also why seismograph's moving parts are constructed from a material ... instruments but they stay on scale during the strongest seismic shaking.


The seismometer does move during an earthquake. The simplest seismograph consists of a bed that a band of graph paper is pulled over and a suspended pen  ...


The part of a seismograph the doesn't move during an earthquake isthe paper the trace is made on.


Mar 11, 2010 ... Ground view of collapsed building and burned area at Beach and ... move, however, is a suspended mass inside the seismograph, called the seismometer. During an earthquake, the seismometer remains still while the case ...


However, parts of the plate are still able to move independently (like the individual ... (body … or … surface) tend to cause the most damage during an earthquake? ... A2-6: Information gained from a seismograph: what kinds of waves occur, ...


The seismic waves shake the earth as they move through it, and when the waves ... The difference in position between the shaking part of the seismograph and the ... from an earthquake, and this varies depending on where you are during the ...


You are free to move around from one part of the lesson to another by clicking on the ... you have probably lived through thousands of tiny earthquakes during your lifetime. ... Today geologists measure earthquake waves with a seismograph.


If you've felt Earth shake during an earthquake or explosion then you've felt .... consist of two parts, a sensor of ground motion which we call a seismometer, and ... A digital seismogram is a record of the ground movement stored as an array of  ...


Jan 3, 1997 ... If you are facing a right-lateral fault, during an earthquake ... of the fault moves to the right · the opposite side of the fault moves down ... It takes at least ___ seismographs at different locations to locate earthquakes accurately.


seismometer is the ground-motion detector part of ... Figure 2—The horizontal seismograph (above left moves only in the horizontal .... Two principal types of surface waves, Love and Rayleigh waves, are generated during an earthquakes.