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I'm 6'0 (183 cm) and I have to say 6'1 (185.5cm) is the ideal height. .... made this poll because guys seem to be interested in other guy's height.


It think it will depend where you are in the world as in some countries both men and women are ... The ideal height for a man is 5′11″ (1.8034) for a woman 5 ′6″(1.6764). This survey was done in 2014. See: The ideal height: 5'6” for a ...


No, I consider my height, 5' 7" to be the perfect height. Why? Because I am perfect, therefore every aspect of what is me is perfection.


To be honest, as long as a guy is taller than me, its cool. over 5'7 :p .... My "perfect man" height though is probably about 6'0, but sometimes I ...


To answer the question, you voted that the ideal height for a man is 6'1''. It was close though, with the range of heights between 5'11 and 6'2'' all with similar ...


Jul 11, 2014 ... The survey also finds that for the average British man, a partner becomes too short at 4'11” and too tall at 6'. The ideal height for a woman, ...


A true 6.1 (185.5CM) is perfect height Maximun 6.2 .... Also, when most extremely tall guys pass a short guy on the street, we don't feel superior ...


Apr 6, 2012 ... With his clean-shaven face, height and good salary (a good sight more than £48k ), TV presenter Steve Jones is said to be the perfect man.


What is the ideal height for women in men's eyes? It largely depends on the height of the man you're asking. Bonus--other things that make a woman perfect!