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The President's Powers as Commander-in-Chief Versus Congress ...


President's Powers as Commander-in-Chief Versus Congress' War Power and ... Congressional Power and the Uses of the Armed Forces of the United States ..... a proclamation was merely an executive act within the President's constitutional ...

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Nor is there any act of Congress to which our attention has been directed from ... of the President's military power as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

Balance of War Powers: The U.S. President and Congress - Council ...


Jun 20, 2011 ... President Obama's decision to seek congressional authorization for punitive ... creating a precedent that will hamstring future commanders in chief. In the administration's previous major military intervention, participating in .... involved in Congress challenging a president's ability to act militarily, in...

Obama calls for war authorization, reopening constitutional debates


Feb 13, 2015 ... On Wednesday, President Obama sent a request to Congress to authorize military ... the Constitution states that “the President shall be commander in chief ... somewhat with the War Powers Act, which requires the President to ...

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The War Powers Resolution is sometimes referred to as the War Powers Act, ... the President is the Commander in Chief of the armed forces (Article II, section 2),  ...

Five leadership lessons on Syria and military power for Commander ...


Aug 31, 2013 ... All these acts as president show Obama has not learned his lessons very ... his shortfalls as commander-in-chief even more glaringly apparent.

Defining Presidential Powers Under the Commander In-Chief Clause


Apr 9, 2015 ... act as field commander of the militia force, Professor Clarence Berdahl ... As military commander the President possesses all of those powers.

Executive Power, the Commander in Chief, and the Militia Clause


and as the commander in chief of the armed forces, is entitled on the ... that the President has independent authority to repel aggressive acts by third parties.

Presidential Authority as Commander in Chief of the Air Force


The President is Commander in Chief of all the armed forces of the United States —the Air Force as ... Establishment by the National Security Act of 1947, Pub.

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The purely military aspects of the Commander- in-Chiefship were those that were ... of President as Commander-in- Chief simply as ''the command of the forces and .... ''When the war is won, the powers under which I act automatically revert to  ...

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Conflicts Between the Commander in Chief and Congress ...


the Constitution, including as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.” 6 ..... statutes. The reason that the question of Presidential power to act in disregard of.

Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines | Official Gazette ...


Jul 10, 2015 ... This is because, as Commander-in-Chief, the President exercises his ... officer in the armed forces that answers solely to the President, the Chief of Staff is ... The National Defense Act of 1935 established the Philippine Army ...

The President of the Republic of Poland as the Commander-in-Chief ...


... Republic of Poland as the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland ... Pursuant to Art. 4a, Clause 1 of the Act, the President shall:.