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Sep 22, 2008 ... The Constitution, and the War Powers Act of 1973, limit a president's ability to ... that the president should be commander in chief of land and naval forces, ... That war was unjustifiable from a military or geopolitical standpoint.

Congressional Power To Require Defense Expenditures


T HE notion that the President's power as Commander in Chief gives ... the armed forces or national defense appears to be of comparatively .... appropriations act would be ineffectual, but hoped to express a "unanimity of feeling" with.

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Jan 8, 2016 ... The President of the United States is the Commander-in-Chief of the United States ... The Posse Comitatus Act limits the ability to deploy US soldiers to enforce federal laws. They did this a lot after the Civil War, hunting down ...

The Role of the Military in a Democracy - Nato


Jul 3, 1998 ... The principle of political control of armed forces as we know it today is ... Different from other states, the commander in chief of the German Armed Forces is not ... by the Legal Status of Military Personnel Act, which is supplemented by a .... With the exception of the President and Vice-President, government ...

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government, federal, state or local, civilian or military, is authorized to commit or ... Airborne Division regularly engaged in acts of torture and cruel treatment.14 .... is unconstitutional because it violates the President's commander-in-chief power  ...

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Military: Chief of State, Prime Minister, Head of Government ... Grand Officer, Civilian: For acts of exemplary merit benefiting the Republic of the ... Vice Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, Commanders of Major Services, President of the Senate, ...

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The President's Power as Chief Executive and Chief ... The President as Commander-in-Chief . .... capacity on the part of all governments to act as needed, but with re ..... to receive monies for the conduct of military activities, closed the Post.

Liberia: The Commander-in-Chief and The Armed Forces of Liberia ...


Feb 24, 2006 ... Though a military professional must be given the responsibility of structuring an armed ... of Restructuring the AFL by the Commander-in-Chief, is outright unconstitutional. ... Lawmakers need to be asking the President: ... The way Forward- The Liberian Senate needs to act quickly to avoid a potential crisis ...

"Command" versus "Operational Control:" A Critical Review of PDD-25


On May 3, 1994, President Bill Clinton signed Presidential Decision Directive 25 .... These Commanders in Chief, as appointees of the British crown, could act ... Although the Commander-in-Chief clause vests power over the military in the ...

Reviving the Nixon Doctrine: NSA Spying, the Commander-In-Chief ...


sense to declare war without authorizing the president to use military force in .... precedent holds that the president, when acting as Commander-in-Chief, is.

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The Department of Defense is responsible for providing the military forces needed to ... Under the President, who is also Commander in Chief, the Secretary of ... to the National Military Establishment created by the National Security Act of  ...

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The Authority of Congress and the President to Use Armed Force ... The Commander in Chief has no Army or Navy to “command” unless they are first created ... The acts of such an officer, as an officer, can never be examinable by the courts.”.

Trump is unfit to command the military: Column - USA Today


Mar 3, 2016 ... The presidential campaign has produced an insidious “fog of election” that ... Donald Trump doesn't simply disdain the law and U.S. military ... acts that violate the high standards American service members have adhered to for centuries. ... of command would refuse to obey a commander in chief like Trump.