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Plankton (singular plankter) are the diverse collection of organisms that live in the water column of large bodies of water and are unable to swim against a current. They provide a crucial source of...

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Despite the popularity of lobsters, the primary crustaceans produced in the world ... depended on whales and other marine mammals as a primary food source.

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The sea is home to billions of plants and animals. Many live ... Oceanographers classify marine organisms by separating them into two primary groups: plants and animals. Ocean ... Sunlight is the source for all food consumed in the ocean ...

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There is no general rule on what the different ocean fish tend to eat, since they have different ... It swims with its enormous mouth open and filters the food with its gills. ... It is famous for even attacking humans, though humans are not its primary prey. ... Learn more about Fish. Sources: animaldiversity.org · animaldivers...

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Sharks earn their spot at the top of the open ocean food chain. ... Small fish and invertebrates are a major food source for larger predators in the open ocean.

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Plants and animals that live in the open ocean are called pelagic. Pelagic ... Tiny shrimp krill are an important food source for many marine mammals and fish.

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A sea otter's diet consists mainly of slow-moving fishes and marine ... otters have been observed using rocks and other hard objects to break open mussel shells.

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But at the same time, only a small fraction of the species in the deep sea and ... nutrients (primary productivity), which represents the basic food source for all ... and juvenile fish that grow up here before swimming into the open ocean as adults.

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The coral reef food web: key feeding relationships, energy sources, and ... from primary producers within the ecosystem as well as from the open sea - that ...

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Primary production in most of the open ocean is quite low, limited by supplies of the ... In the LAPE area the main sources of nutrients are from the flows from the ...