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Coordination-of-Benefits Clause Law & Legal Definition


Coordination-of-benefits clause is a provision in the insurance contract which provides that the total sum paid for medical and hospital care will not exceed the  ...

Coordination Of Benefits (COB) Clause | Online business definitions ...


This is a clause included in health insurance policies that states that benefits will not be paid for amounts that are already covered by other organizational health ...

coordination of benefits model regulation - National Association of ...


Purpose. The purpose of this regulation is to: A. Establish a uniform order of benefit ... provider contracts to account for payments under coordination of benefits.

Coordination of Benefits - Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services


Jul 11, 2016 ... Coordination of benefits (COB) allows plans that provide health ... paid claims data for the purpose of calculating their secondary payment.

Health Insurance Glossary - Health Insurance Definitions and Terms


COB (Coordination of Benefits): This is the process by which a health insurance company determines if it should be the primary or secondary payer of medical ...

What is the Coordination of Benefits? (with pictures)


Aug 6, 2016 ... Coordination of benefits ensures a person with multiple insurance policies isn't compensated more than once. The coordination of...

Coordination of Benefits - Understanding your Dental Benefits


To help explain coordination of benefits basics in the Understanding your Dental Benefits brochure.

Coordination of Benefits - Lifetime Benefit Solutions


Your health benefit plan includes a coordination of benefits clause that determines ... I understand that the purpose of this information is to assure appropriate.

Insurance Terminology for Brokers - BenefitMall


The group insurance contract provides benefits to a group of individuals who have ... for some or all expenses and to a percentage participation clause ( sometimes ... health insurance coverage for the purpose of determining if coverage is ... addition to paying eligible expenses that were not covered by the coordinating plan.

The Third Circuit's Employer First Rule in Coordination of Benefits


Jan 1, 1998 ... plans have increasingly included coordination of benefits clauses .... In every instance, the purpose of the "other insurance" provision is to limit.

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Coordination of benefits | definition of coordination of benefits by ...


Looking for online definition of coordination of benefits in the Medical ... A clause in insurance policies for patients with more than one carrier to provide a ...

Does a coordination of benefits clause affect disease specific ...


A coordination of benefits clause in your health insurance policy means the policy won't pay benefits that are covered by another policy, such as a ...

Coordination of Benefits (COB) - Anthem


Coordination of benefits applies to members of your group who are covered by more than one health care plan. Coordination of benefits helps ensure that ...