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The cuisine of the Thirteen Colonies includes the foods, eating habits, and cooking methods of .... Scrapple, a pot pudding made from meat scraps and grain , became a staple of the regional cuisine for many generations. ... The American colonial diet varied depending on region, with local cuisine patterns established by the ...


Southern Colonies (Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia) ... than the Chesapeake region came to rely on an entirely different crop - rice. ... and other food products carried down to the sugar islands by American traders.


Sep 30, 1997 ... Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Library Research Report Series - 0404 .... Food Price Indices for Chesapeake Towns and Philadelphia, 1733-1807, 186 ..... of urban provisioning systems in the Chesapeake region in the eighteenth ... soon locked almost everyone into an export centered staple economy.


It was the "staple" of the Chesapeake colonies in a broader sense than any other .... It neither supplied food to him nor fodder to his beasts; it could not yield him ... natives lost control of ancestral lands in and around the Chesapeake region.


During their servitude, individuals received food, shelter, and clothing. .... The Chesapeake region of Maryland and Virginia, also known as the Upper ... and the residents of the Chesapeake region made these vegetables a staple of their diet.


The institution of slavery in the Chesapeake Colonies-Virginia and ... reflected the fact that a distinctive way of life and work developed in each of the regions. ... Carolina developed labor systems suited to the production of staple, or cash, crops. ... at James Fort would not have to depend on trade with the Indians for food.


on the Social Drinking Culture of the Colonial Chesapeake ... the Chesapeake region required intensive labor to develop field cultivation of any sort. ... with natives for food crops, although they gradually adopted native means of ..... The colony not only accepted alcohol but integrated it as a staple item in the colonial diet.


settlement in order to gain from producing the staple crop of tobacco, but tobacco ... Because settlers came to the region to make money, many did not have ... that he would support his family by providing the appropriate food, clothing, shelter, ...


Jan 29, 2013 ... Tobacco was colonial Virginia's most successful cash crop. ... Ridge Mountains , especially dominating the agriculture of the Chesapeake region. ... had switched to growing food crops, particularly wheat ; many more began to ..... passes An Act for amending the Staple of Tobacco; and for preventing Frauds ...


Apr 21, 2011 ... Virginia Indians began domesticating plants to be used as a food ... but because of other abundant food sources in the Chesapeake Bay ... Virginia Indians began domesticating plants at different points in history depending on their region. ... The colonists describe sunflowers growing in Indian gardens, and ...