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The Odawa said to mean "traders," have long had territory that crossed the current borders of .... For example, the tribe once waged war against the Mascouten. ... The noted Odawa chief Po...

The story of The Wolf used by Chief Pontiac is an example of


He was an Ottawa leader who with other Tribes went to War with the British in the Great Lakes region from May 1763 to 25 July 1766. It was the first coordinated ...

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Oct 1, 2008 ... The story of The Wolf used by Chief Pontiac is an example of ... When Chief Seattle refers several times to the angry young men in his tribe, he's

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Apr 27, 2013 ... American Indians, Pontiac's War, French and Indian War, Journey to Liberty. ... I came across this speech by the Ottawa Chief Pontiac in the spring of 1763. ... of life and used the "Master of Life" as a means to explain it to his people. .... Some day, following the example of the United States of America...

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For example, the “lizard” figure fits Winnebago accounts of the “water serpent” in .... She recorded the life story in the Winnebago language, then Mountain Wolf ...

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Jul 16, 2013 ... Prophecy is a traditional way of knowing the future and is used to predict such events .... According to one story, the Kiowa obtained two Taime medicine bundles, one ... gift from the red wolf to a Kiowa warrior who was separated from his war party. ...... One of Neolin's followers was the Ottawa chief, Pontiac.

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Click on almost any picture in this story to see its full version, as well as in the gallery at the bottom of ... Chief Pontiac assembled Native resistance to the British.

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Animals were used to represent certain ideas, characteristics, and spirits. Some Native American tribes used animals to tell the story of creation. Some creation ...

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They have a history rich in struggle, strife, and triumph. ... The teepee, totem pole, peace pipe, and moccasins are just a few examples, but each of ... their skins and hides were used as clothing and drums, their meat was never wasted, and ... American Indian Topics, A Pack of Wolves · American Buffalo · American Indian ...

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But believing its origin story—a real-life Da Vinci Code, involving a Harvard ... It said that Munro's colleague believed that “the small fragment … is the sole example of a text in which ... Laukamp, then in his mid-50s, bought a Pontiac Firebird and nudged ... He had used infrared photography to decode textual minutiae on a ...

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Sep 24, 2008 ... American history, Tecumseh, Sojourner Truth: Hello Randi, Most of these ... The story of The Wolf used by Chief Pontiac is an example of

1. When does the Narrative of Sojourner Truth take place? - Jiskha ...


Jul 3, 2014 ... Chief Seattle contrasts the religions of the white and of his people by saying the .... The story of The Wolf used by Chief Pontiac is an example of

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taining an account of the conspiracy of the Ottawa chief. It has twice been ... Francis Parkman so cleverly built his history of the events of. 1763. ... with more minute details, as for example the description ... that capital letters are used so indiscriminately, and punc— ..... -An Indian of the Wolf nation, eager to make the.