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A tea infuser is a device in which loose, dried tea leaves are placed for steeping or brewing, in a mug or a teapot full of hot water; it is often called a teaball or tea ...

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The tea leaves should be placed in boiling water? ... Tea will be prepared much more quickly in hot water than cold water since, in hot water, the molecules are ...

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What is the participle or participial phrase in the sentence the tea leaves ...

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Jun 6, 2014 ... Water should be at boiling point when you pour it over the tea bag. Water ... Warm your mug or pot first if you want your tea to stay hot longer.

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Preheating the tea pot with hot water will also prevent the tea pot from cracking .... is extracted from the leaves at a temperature as close to boiling as possible. ... Why should servers be placed outside of the corporate network?

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Leaves will absorb water and swell, sometimes as much as 10 times its original ... When placed in hot water, the tea extract is quickly dissipated into the water.

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When you boil water in a cup in a microwave, it will often boil without forming ... Most tea leaves should be placed in water near boiling point.

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Warming your teapot prevents cracking that can occur when boiling water is placed in a room temperature pot, and it helps the brewed tea maintain the proper ...

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Green and white teas depend on their essential oil content for flavor and will fade the fastest, generally within six months to a year ... The effect is heightened when hot tea is iced quickly. ... Do I put the tea leaves in the water as it's warming up?

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The fist category is called U-jeon (우전) and consists of the first tea leaf buds that ... Boiling water should first be poured from the tea kettle into the cooling bowl ... The strainer can be placed on its lid and the tea can be put into the strainer while  ...

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Q: The tea leaves should be placed in boiling water.
A: boiling. Read More »
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Q: Why should water for tea only be boiled once?
A: If you are starting out with distilled or highly purified water, reboiling doesn't matter. But because most people don't, you have to consider a couple of facts... Read More »
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Q: Why do you use boiling water to make tea and leave it to diffuse?
A: Actually you don't use "boiling" water, You are supposed to use water that has just quit boiling. The idea is that boiling will damage the leaves (tea is tea le... Read More »
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