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A hierarchy is an arrangement of items in which the items are represented .... with God as the pinnacle or head of the hierarchy), the term came to refer to similar organizational methods in secular...

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A hierarchy is a system or organization in which people or groups are ranked one above the other according to status or authority.

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Hierarchy definition, any system of persons or things ranked one above another. See more.

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A hierarchy refers to the levels of management in any business, from highest to lowest. Those on a higher level have more decision-making power and control ...

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The word hierarchy comes from the Greek hieros, meaning sacred, and archein, meaning to rule. The word first entered English in the fourteenth century.

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The term "hierarchy" refers to a ladder of beings from the least real to the most real, from the inferior to the superior. (Sometimes this idea is referred to as the ...

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Nov 29, 2005 ... Usage of the word hierarchy dates back a considerable time. It seems to have ... As a theological term, it is used to refer to the. “subordination ...

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GO is loosely hierarchical, with 'child' terms being more specialized than their ' parent' terms, but unlike a strict hierarchy, ... Alternate IDs that refer to a term.

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Oct 1, 2008 ... "Nested hierarchy" refers to the way taxonomic groups fit neatly and completely ... It is not always possible to define a nested hierarchy for any ...

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Search the GO hierarchy: Using a GO ID (e.g., "GO:0019827" or "0019827") or a GO term (e.g., or "stem cell maintenance"). When searching against a GO term, ...