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A hierarchy (from the Greek ἱεραρχία hierarchia, "rule of a high priest", from ..... In this aspect, the term hierarchy refers to how distinguishabl...

The term hierarchy refers to - Answers.com


A hierarchy is a system or organization in which people or groups are ranked one above the other according to status or authority.

What is hierarchy of authority? definition and meaning


Definition of hierarchy of authority: Organization power structure. The amount of authority increases with each level higher a person or organization is in hierarchy . ... Receive Term of the Day emails; Get help and show off your knowledge in ...

What is Hierarchical? Webopedia


)Refers to systems that are organized in the shape of a pyramid, with each row of objects linked to objects directly beneath it. Hierarchical systems pervade ...

Levels of Hierarchy in Business | Chron.com


A hierarchy refers to the levels of management in any business, from highest to ... take, and have the last word on proposed changes to business procedures.

Hierarchy and Enlightenment


The term "hierarchy" refers to a ladder of beings from the least real to the most real, from the inferior to the superior. (Sometimes this idea is referred to as the ...

Hierarchy: a short history of a word in Western thought - Hal


Nov 29, 2005 ... Usage of the word hierarchy dates back a considerable time. It seems .... also refers to the different orders of the faithful that make up Christian.

Syntactic Hierarchy « CALLE


Jan 6, 2011 ... I've mentioned syntactic hierarchy in previous posts and in several papers ... within the realm of English linguistics, the term 'Syntactic Hierarchy' is of my ... thus the syntactic in syntactic hierarchy refers to structural hierarchy.

Hierarchy Exploit Pack. New crimeware for the cybercriminal gangs


Jan 29, 2012 ... The term "hierarchy" refers to an entity pyramidal action. Judging by the name of this new Exploit Pack of Russian origin, it seems that the ...

Mass Hierarchy Determination for $\ theta_ {13}= 0$ and ...


The term hierarchy refers to the position of the third mass eigenstate with respect ... hierarchy for shorter baselines with small matter effects for sin2 2θ13 ∼.

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Q: The term hierarchy refers to?
A: a power structure in which each member knows hir or her own place Read More »
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Q: The term hierarchy refers to.
A: A hierarchy is a system or organization in which people or groups are ranked one above the other according to status or authority. A hierarchy is simply a way o... Read More »
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Q: The term hierarchy refers to?
A: A hierarchy is a graded social order. So, the answer is B. Read More »
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Q: What does the term hierarchy refer to?
A: Hierarchy is a noun that refers to any system of persons or things ranked one above another. T... Read More »
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A: 1) noblest [1]. Possessing hereditary rank in a political system or social class derived from a feudalistic stage of a country's development. or. Having or show... Read More »
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