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A hierarchy is an arrangement of items in which the items are represented .... with God as the pinnacle or head of the hierarchy), the term came to refer to similar organizational methods in secular...

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A hierarchy is a system or organization in which people or groups are ranked one above the other according to status or authority.

Levels of Hierarchy in Business | Chron.com


A hierarchy refers to the levels of management in any business, from highest to lowest. Those on a higher level have more decision-making power and control ...

Ontology Structure | Gene Ontology Consortium


Obsolete Terms; Term Structure; Essential Elements; Optional Extras; Sample ... GO is loosely hierarchical, with 'child' terms being more specialized than their .... Database cross-references, or dbxrefs, refer to identical or very similar objects in  ...

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Apr 8, 2013 ... It's important that the meaning of a particular piece of content be taken into account when thinking about hierarchy. What is the subject matter of ...

What is Maslow's hierarchy of needs? - BusinessDictionary.com


Definition of Maslow's hierarchy of needs: Motivation theory which suggests five interdependent levels of basic human needs ... Use this term in a sentence.

What is hierarchy of authority? definition and meaning


Definition of hierarchy of authority: Organization power structure. The amount of authority increases with each level higher a person or organization is in ...

What is hierarchy? definition and meaning - BusinessDictionary.com


Definition of hierarchy: Pyramid-like ranking of ideas, individuals, items, etc., where every level (except the top and the bottom ones) has one higher and one ...

defining ict in a boundaryless world: the development of a ... - Aircc


Finally, providing a hierarchy for the term ICT will provide guidance for ... For purposes of this study, a hierarchy or hierarchical classification refers to a ...

A Theory of Tonal Hierarchies in Music - Music Cognition Laboratory


Tonal hierarchy refers to both a fundamental theoretical concept in describing musical ... although this term seems less apt when applied to musical pitch.

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Hierarchy and Enlightenment


The term "hierarchy" refers to a ladder of beings from the least real to the most real, from the inferior to the superior. (Sometimes this idea is referred to as the ...

Dominance hierarchy | Define Dominance hierarchy at Dictionary.com


Dominance hierarchy definition, a system or set of relationships in animal groups that is based on a hierarchical ranking, usually established and maintained by ...

What is Hierarchical? Webopedia Definition


)Refers to systems that are organized in the shape of a pyramid, with each row of objects linked to objects directly beneath it. Hierarchical systems pervade ...