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Many conditions affect the human integumentary system—the organ system covering the entire ... While only a small number of skin diseases account for most visits to the physician, ... Clinical...

What is the medical term meaning any disease marked by abnormal ...


Disease marked by abnormal pigmentation may be called chromatosis or melanosis, .... What is the medical term meaning abnormal condition of the skin? Dermatosis is the general term meaning any abnormal condition of the skin. Dermatosis ...

What is the medical term meaning any disease of the skin


Dermatopathy or dermopathy means any disease of the skin. Combining form: Derm/o - skin .... What is the medical term meaning any disease marked by abnormal ... or amelanosis is the term used for a lack of pigmentation of the skin …. Some ...

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Meaning of disease medical term. ... Addison's disease bronzelike pigmentation of the skin, severe prostration, progressive anemia, .... extrapyramidal disease any of a group of clinical disorders marked by abnormal involuntary movements,  ...

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Birthmarks and other skin pigmentation (coloration) disorders affect many people. ... This birthmark is marked by bluish or grayish discoloration of the face and ... If any of these features change, you should have your moles examined. .... associated with vitiligo include diabetes, pernicious anemia, thyroid disease, and  ...

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Apr 7, 2016 ... Any of the diseases or disorders that affect the human skin. ... as in thermal burns, may be followed by a marked degree of regrowth of the injured or ... a term used to describe a thickening of the epidermis in which the normal ... is the case in liver or kidney disease, the itching is probably due to an abnormal ....

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any inflammatory disease of the sebaceous, or oil, glands of the skin. ... In common usage, the term acne is frequently used alone to designate acne vulgaris, ... congenital skin lesion, or birthmark, caused by abnormal pigmentation or by ... inflamed skin, has by common usage come to have the same meaning as dermatitis.

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Results 401 - 500 of 800 ... keratosis any protuberance on the skin resulting from the ... by an abnormal concentration of the bile pigment bilirubin in brain tissues at or ... ketosis metabolic disorder marked by high levels of ketones in the .... Lumbago is considered by health professionals to be an antiquated term that designates ...

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Results 1 - 99 of 99 ... The term autism (from the Greek autos, meaning “self”) was coined in ... The incubation... childhood diseases and disorders any illness, impairment, or abnormal .... Franklin D. Roosevelt,... measles contagious viral disease marked by ... skin lesion, or birthmark, caused by abnormal pigmentation or by ...

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The skin is affected by a vast number of insults and diseases, including ... Simply understanding dermatological terminology will facilitate diagnosis. ... The epidermis also contains pigment cells called melanocytes, which .... Onychogryphosis is an abnormal condition of the nails characterised by marked hypertrophy and ...

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What is the medical term meaning any disorder of pigmentation


Diseases marked by abnormal pigmentation may be called chromatosisor ... medical term meaning an inherited deficiency or absence of pigment in the skin hair ...

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melanopathy. Type: Term Pronunciation: mel′ă-nop′ă-thē. Definitions: 1. Any disease marked by abnormal pigmentation of the skin.

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Define disease of the skin. disease of the skin synonyms, disease of the skin pronunciation, ... erythroderma - any skin disorder involving abnormal redness ... keratosis - a skin condition marked by an overgrowth of layers of horny skin ... by patches of unpigmented skin (often surrounded by a heavily pigmented border).