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This is a list of ecology topics. It relates to the science of ecology which is the study of the ... It is a major sub field of ecology which deals with the dynamics of species ... biota - the total collection of organisms of a geographic region or a time period ... the maximum number of individuals a given environment's resources can ...


Aug 16, 2010 ... Agroup of individuals of the same species occupying a given area ... The total number of individuals of the same species that occupy a given are at time ... individuals of the same species per unit of surface area at a given time ...


The average number of individuals of the same species per unit of surface area at a given time is the? population density. 1 person found this useful. Edit.


Population density measures the number of individuals per unit area, ... method, all the individuals of a given species are counted in some subplot of the total area . ... What happens to population size over time under exponential growth? .... often causes the abundance of species that share the same resources to increase.


Active growth period, The period of time that a particular plant has its most ... Alkaline soil, Any soil with a pH above 7 on a scale of 1 to 14; the higher the number, the .... Date tested, The most recent date that a seed lot has been tested for total ..... change in the types of plant species that occupy a given area through time.


Species Richness (s) is a relative term that refers to the number of species in a ... and is directly associated with measuring the diversity of species in a given area. ... that defines the number of individuals from each species in the same area. ... Four commonly recognized abiotic hypotheses include:(1) The Time/Stability ...


Populations - individuals of the same organism that live together are members of a population. ... Communities - populations of different species that live together in the same ... population density is the population size that occurs in a given area. .... The niche an organism occupies is the sum total of all the ways it utilizes the ...


species, the amount of genetic variation or the number of community types ... Total dry weight of all organisms in a particular population, sample or area; [J/m2 ]; .... Density: In relation to population, the number of individuals in a certain amount of space. ..... usually of a single species, occupying a given area at the same time;.


Aug 27, 2014 ... A population is the total number of individuals of the same species that ... to interbreed (are able to breed with one another) at a specific time. ... Density: The number of individuals per unit area or per unit volume. ... area that they occupy. .... for your answer using ALL the information you have been given. (6)


Jul 31, 2015 ... A population is a subset of individuals of one species that occupies a particular. ... of one species that occupies a particular geographic area and, in sexually ... and lack exchange with, other populations of the same species to open .... material at a given time) sooner than those of other individuals that were ...