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Zulu grammar


Zulu grammar is typical for Bantu languages, bearing all the hallmarks of this language family. ... This article does not cite any sources. ... The Zulu noun consists of two essential parts, the pre...

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1.A.SIMPLE SUBJECT-the main parts of the the subject is either a noun/pronoun B.COMPLETE SUBJJECT-the simple subject and it modifies2.A.SIMPLE ...

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English Help: Parts of Sentence - Subject and Predicate. ... Some students punctuate parts of sentences as if they were sentences because they do not realize that some essential element is ... A sentence consists of two parts: the subject and the predicate. .... Embedded content, if any, are copyrights of their respective owners.

Elements of Sentence Construction


Sometimes the predicate will be composed of two or three verbs that fit together ... joining two independent clauses into a compound sentence without using any  ...

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In English, every sentence has two essential parts: a complete subject and a ... The complete subject is the simple subject (a noun or a pronoun) plus any word ...

SLAC DIAGRAMMING SENTENCES Visualizing their Basic Parts


Visualizing their Basic Parts ... around the two essential parts of every sentence -- the subject and ... carefully for the subject and verb in each sentence and any.

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Understanding Subject and Predicate is the key to good sentence writing. ... A compound predicate includes two or more verbs that relate to the subject: The little ...

Using Nouns as the Subject of a Sentence: Grammar Rules ...


A subject is an essential part of a sentence. This video explains the role ... There are two nouns in this sentence: 'student' and 'test.' Ask yourself: which noun is ...

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Understanding the parts of a sentence in English is crucial to your success in learning English. ... Not to mention any other situations that involve other people!

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Sep 10, 2006 ... The basic parts of a sentence fall into two categories: the subject and ... objects can be any word or group of words functioning as a noun, and ...

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What Are the Different Parts of a Sentence?


There are five main parts of a sentence - subject, predicate, clause, phrase and ... There are two different types of clauses: ... I have no idea what any of those are.

Parts of a Sentence Listed and Clearly Explained with Examples


A finite verb is a one, two, three or four-word verb, which acts as a single meaningful sentence part and is essential (necessary) for the existence of the sentence.

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Oct 29, 2008 ... The subject and predicate make up the two basic structural parts of any complete sentence. In addition, there are other elements, contained ...