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The name and location of a cell on a spreadsheet designated by the column letter ... The vertical divisions of a spreadsheet which are labeled alphabetically.

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Excel 2013 enables you to split the active worksheet window into two or four panes ... and whose left border marks the place where you want the vertical division to ... Excel then splits the window into four panes (two vertical and two horizontal) ...

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Apr 28, 2016 ... SPREADSHEET TERMINOLOGY • Graph - A picture that shows the ... Column - The vertical divisions in a spreadsheet that are named with an ...

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PlanMaker is the most powerful spreadsheet package developed for Windows CE ... Column: The vertical divisions of a spreadsheet that intersect the horizontal  ...

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Notice that the cursor has changed shape to a vertical line with double .... division . We can retype this formula for all of the cylinders, but here's a shortcut that ...

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By default, Microsoft Office Excel determines the minimum and maximum scale values of the vertical (value) axis, also known as the y axis, when you create a ...

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Apr 23, 2014 ... A simple example of a division formula in Google Spreadsheets would be: ... Cell references are a combination of the vertical column letter and ...

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View Notes - Excel Spreadsheet Vocabulary from BUSINESS Comp Apps at ... by numbers. columns Columns are the vertical divisions of a worksheet that are ...

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May 2, 2013 ... Services and divisions ... Excel was developed first and foremost as a tool to make creating tables of figures and calculations easier and quicker. Key to ... If required, also adjust the Horizontal and/or Vertical Text Alignment. 5.

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Glossary of Terms for Using MS Excel & Access. This Glossary is ... Columns - Columns are the vertical divisions of a worksheet that are identified by letters.

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Jan 21, 2012 ... The vertical divisions in a worksheet; identified by a letter ... a blinking vertical bar on the screen that marks the location at which the inserted ...

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Sep 21, 2011 ... ... organize the NFL teams by conference and division in a Google spreadsheet. Using vertical merges, you can assign headers to sets of rows.

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Columns are the vertical partitions that move from top to bottom in Excel. ... Click on the cell where you would like the answer of your division equation to appear.