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'Themselves' or 'themself'? | Oxford Dictionaries


Should you ever use 'themself' rather than 'themselves'? And if yes, then when? We take a look at singular 'they' and its corresponding reflexive pronoun.

Is 'themself' a real word? | OxfordWords blog


Jan 15, 2013 ... Although most authorities agree that it isn't currently part of the repertoire of accepted reflexive pronouns, themself is not a rarity in today's ...

themself - definition of themself in English | Oxford Dictionaries


'Anyone who's found themself trying to navigate life's day-to-day reality in a foreign culture will relate to Ko's means of reflecting displacement.' 'I hope no-one  ...

When do you use 'by themself' versus 'by themselves'? - Quora


Sep 8, 2015 ... You never use "by themself". There is no such a word as "themself". In some informal context people use themself when the gender is not clear, ...

themself - Wiktionary


Furthermore, the use of themself as a singular and themselves as a plural is in " clear parallel [to] common usage of the second-person forms, where yourselves ...

Themself | Merriam-Webster


When people want a reflexive pronoun to go with singular they and them, themself sometimes gets called upon to do the job—though if you're doing the calling ...

Legistics - Themself or Themselves?


The question addressed in this article is whether "themself" can be used in some cases instead of "themselves" with reference to a singular "they" or a singular ...

Theirself or Themself? - Cliff Hays


Jan 8, 2014 ... While both 'theirself' and 'themself' are sometimes used in this situation, neither one is recognized as correctly spelled by word processors or is ...

Grammar Question: Themself? — Penny Arcade


I typed "themself" at first, but that doesn't work because it's not a word. You can't turn the "self" singular and leave the "them" plural. Then I typed ...

Themself, themselves, theirself, or theirselves | WordReference Forums


I'm writing a reason as to why I was no longer needed as a caregiver. I'm having problems deciding on whether I should use themself, ...