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Singular they is the use in English of the pronoun they, or its inflected or derivative forms, such as them, their, themself, or themselves, as a gender- neutral ...

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Should you ever use 'themself' rather than 'themselves'? And if yes, then when? We take a look at singular 'they' and its corresponding reflexive pronoun.

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The standard reflexive form corresponding to they and them is themselves, as in they can do it themselves. The singular form themself, first recorded in the 14th ...

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Furthermore, the use of themself as a singular and themselves as a plural is in " clear parallel [to] common usage of the second-person forms, where yourselves ...

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When people want a reflexive pronoun to go with singular they and them, themself sometimes gets called upon to do the job—though if you're doing the calling ...

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When 'them' is used to designate an unidentified person, do you use "themselves " or "themself"? For example: <<Would you bother attempting ...

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I typed "themself" at first, but that doesn't work because it's not a word. You can't turn the "self" singular and leave the "them" plural. Then I typed ...

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Themself definition, themselves: The kids began laughing at themself. Everyone who got the right answer can congratulate themself. The teacher introduced ...

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themself. pron. Single form of word themselves, used when refering to person whose sex (male or female) is not known or identified. Often used where the word  ...

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Jan 13, 2012 ... Then, by extension from the him – himself or he – himself formation of the reflexive, people are starting to use themself as the reflexive.

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Jan 15, 2013 ... Although most authorities agree that it isn't currently part of the repertoire of accepted reflexive pronouns, themself is not a rarity in today's ...

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The question addressed in this article is whether "themself" can be used in some cases instead of "themselves" with reference to a singular "they" or a singular ...

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You never use "by themself". There is no such a word as "themself". In some informal context people use themself when the gender is not clear, but ...