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In the United States, the issuance of licenses is the ... Drivers are normally required to obtain a license from their state of ...

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Feb 26, 2016 ... How many licensed drivers are there in the U.S.? ... The number of people with a driver's license in the United States grew from around 167 ...

• Total number of licensed drivers in the U.S. - by state 2014 | Statistic


This statistic represents the total number of licensed drivers in the United States in 2014, with a breakdown by state. In that year, there were just under 420,000 ...

• Number of drivers licensed in the U.S. 2014 | Statistic


This statistic represents the number of drivers licensed to operate a motor vehicle in the United States from 1990 to 2014. In 2010, there were around 210 million ...

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Nov 7, 2014 ... In 2009 there are 210 million licensed drivers, a compounded annual ... Comparing drivers by age with the population of the United States in ...

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There were 190,625,023 licensed drivers in the United States in 2000. That is an increase of 23.73% since 1980 and an a 12.39% increase over 1990. As the ...

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Foreign Nationals Driving in the United States; Car Rental and Car Sharing Services; Stay Safe on the ... People who drive in the U.S. must have a valid driver's license. ... Even if you don't own a car, there are times when you may need one.

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Jan 22, 2016 ... Young people are not getting driver's licenses so much anymore. ... But in the survey, only 17 percent said their reason for not having a license was that ... that driving in general may have already peaked in the United States.

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Oct 23, 2015 ... There is a shortage of truck drivers in the United States. Unsurprisingly, that's leading to a bidding war for qualified truckers among the big ...

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To find out which states are toughest on drivers, Bankrate gathered data on factors ... We start with the bad and count down to the very worst state for drivers. .... have to hunk my horn in the parking lot everyday just to let them know "hey there is ...