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How Do Death Valley's “Sailing Stones” Move Themselves Across ...


Jun 9, 2013 ... Drive 50 miles north on pavement, then head west for another 30 miles on ... Racetrack Playa is a dried-up lakebed, ringed by mountains, about 3 ... “I don't know whether people think they're 'magic rocks,'” he says. .... The article says no one has ever seen the stones move. ... That is exactly what I th...

Dozens of winning horses drugged at Kentucky Derby race course ...


Apr 29, 2015 ... One even tested positive for the presence of methamphetamine, which ... PETA say that the whole industry is putting horses' lives at risk through drugs ... All of them enable injured horses to keep racing when they should be resting. .... to be reported unless they die in training on a racetrack or during a race.

The Master Showmen of King Ranch - University of Texas Press


At least one of them led the bulls into the ring of every King Ranch auction sale .... near the entrance of the Santa Gertrudis Division, just west of Kingsville, Texas. .... King Ranch's brand is the Running W. Nobody really knows why Captain .... They started at one point and made a circle and went through the Ranch and by .....

Thirteen World Mysteries Without Explanation | Beyond Science


Jan 26, 2013 ... In the Sahara Desert in Egypt lie the oldest known astronomically aligned stones ... Shown above is one of the stones that remains. ... Racetrack Playa is almost completely flat, 2.5 miles from north to south and 1.25 ... Nevada Indian legend of 12 foot red-haired giants that lived in the area when they arrived.

12 Things You Didn't Know About Romania | Travel Away


Here are 12 cool things most people don't know about Romania, from the only ... Timisoara, one of the most beautiful and vibrant Romanian metropolises, was the ... That's because even though yes, Romania has the most gold resources in all of ... efficiently but they are scared of foreign investment so they have delayed the  ...

The Forbidden Love of Sammy Davis Jr. and Kim Novak | Vanity Fair


Sep 3, 2013 ... Cohn wanted her in one of his pet projects, a biblical epic called Joseph and His ... They compromised on “Kim” Novak—the name of the son of her Chicago .... Sammy Davis Jr.'” Mastin would travel with Davis and would insist on having ..... Park racetrack in Inglewood, as did Mickey Cohen, the West Coast ...

As the Paris Ritz Shutters, Remembering Its Mysteries, Misbehaviors ...


The prospect of a modernized Ritz has sent nervous tremors through the hotel's .... The one that faces the Place Vendôme was originally the residence of the Duc ... Fitzgerald was rich and famous at first; Hemingway, poor and little known, living .... So, Charles and his taxi were loaded aboard, at nobody knows what cost in .....

Book Review: Spillover - WSJ


Oct 5, 2012 ... Adventure & Travel ... But the gorillas didn't start the Ebola outbreak in Congo; they were the victims as ... Africa, perhaps in a type of fruit bat, though nobody knows exactly. ... into the origin of AIDS in the rain forests of west-central Africa. ... Every so often, a virus will jump out of an animal and inf...

The Ring And the Bar - The New Yorker


Jan 30, 2012 ... In recent decades, Fanelli's, as it is usually called, has been a ... He often punctuates them with a shrug, as if they were nothing to him. ... He tears up easily , thinking about all that he has been through and .... Club, in the city's run-down West End. One day, he took Bozic there. ..... He knows the house w...

American horse racing isn't dead – but it's getting awfully close ...


Apr 10, 2015 ... They are now in the range of 10,000 as fans wager at home, at off-track ... The racetrack has added 20 open-air suites next to the trackside Winner's ... Meets The Surf' and is now the place to be for West Coast summer racing. ... It is the sport of kings but how many people know the term. ... Order by oldest.

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James Younger Gang - History Net


Jesse James was killed by one of his own gang members. ... Also essential to the West's most famous outlaw brothers' success was the support of ... After meeting and marrying in Kentucky, they had moved to Missouri in the early 1840s. From February 13, 1866, through the September 7, 1876, Northfield raid in Minnesota,  ...

12 of the World's Most Mysterious Monuments & Ruins | Urbanist


May 12, 2009 ... Nobody knows exactly why Stonehenge was built, how a set of manmade ruins ... On a barren knoll in northeastern Georgia stands one of the world's most bizarre ... Known as the 'Georgia Guidestones', this stone structure of five ... they found what appears to be an ancient Stonehenge-like structure 40 feet ...

A Tree Is Known By Its Fruit - Texas Monthly


According to one newspaper account, Riley and Israel Harkey, two brothers from Arkansas, ... a cotton gin, a blacksmith shop, a baseball diamond, a millinery, and a racetrack. ... Though pecan trees can grow with little to no help, they are famously .... was announced in the News & Star with the headline “Bruce Goes West”).

Heritage Trees and Plants from the Pacific Northwest


Jun 14, 2010 ... British Columbia is known for its many and varied natural splendors, not the least ... As impressive as they are, this site focuses on other trees, those planted by .... Although nobody knows exactly when it was planted, it may be about 128 .... Although this tree is neither the biggest* nor the oldest white oak in ...

Planet Earth Facts: 50 Interesting Facts About Earth - LiveScience


Mar 18, 2012 ... Take a journey through the wild tales of our amazing Earth, from dazzling aurora lights to creeping tectonic plates and natural disasters.