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Jul 1, 2014 ... Sometimes, thinking of things to do when and while you're high is tough. Why? Because… Well… You're high. Legendary stoner Max ...

1000 Things to do while stoned. | Marijuana Forums

Sep 8, 2004 ... mj: Ill make the first one (It cant be more than 10 things per post) i hope we will make it to the 1000th thing to do while stoned :mj: 1. Watch Fear.

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Dec 17, 2014 ... We have created the top 10 things to do when stoned list for stoners. Before ... Be ready to live your life to the fullest while being high on life!

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Sep 10, 2014 ... While many claim that everything is more fun when you're high, we'd like to think that a few activities top the rest in terms of satisfaction gained.

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Jun 1, 2015 ... Here are the Top Five things you do while you're high that stoners hate -- a.k.a. The Top Five ways to get you voted off of the proverbial stoner ...

Things You Do While High

Things You Do While High. Note: We don't use all suggestions. SUGGESTIONS ... i do this ALL the time · 198 NOTES · Reblog · 100 NOTES · Reblog · We finally  ...

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Mar 28, 2014 ... 88 Things That Are Much Better When You're High .... President Otto Perez Molina held in jail overnight while hearings over the corruption scandal that ... How Do You Calm Yourself Down When You Have To Fly In A Plane?

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But I started thinking about other stuff that might be fun to do while you're stoned. So yesterday I smoked in the morning and then took my ...

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Sep 24, 2013 ... In fact, there's a handful of things no stoner should walk into while blazed. From high stress situations, to remembering what the f*ck you were ... to Do While Stoned&v=88GQ0AyfiTI
Aug 18, 2012 ... I do not own this!! obviously, but i want to upload so i can advertise this clip and the youtube user who created it because this is genius's ...
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Q: Things to do while stoned?
A: Watch Children of the Corn. The original. Or Dazed and Confused. Or Pineapple Express. Or eat, that's what I'd do. If you have a trampoline, jump on it. Or you ... Read More »
Q: What are things to do while stoned.
A: eat, talk to friends, have sex (it's amazing) listen to music, watch tv, whatever you do when your not high. Read More »
Q: What is the coolest thing to do while stoned?
A: It seems that people who use marijuana believe "eating" at the time of b... Read More »
Q: Things NOT to Do While Stoned.
A: However well you think you have fixed something on your house or car while you are high, you will wake up and find that it needs to be redone. What was I Read More »
Q: Best things to do while stoned?
A: you could do pretty much anything.. i usually watch T.v. or play video games... or eat food, take a nce relaxing walk, go on the internet and look at you laugh ... Read More »