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Odds that she's pregnant? Options if she is? | Go Ask Alice!


Mar 26, 2015 ... My girlfriend is approximately five days late on her menstrual cycle, and ... a decision about a pregnancy, it may help to think about questions, ...

How do I know if my Girlfriend is Pregnant | Could I Be Pregnant ...


Mar 8, 2016 ... Yesterday my girlfriend and I were messing around and when we finished, ... Do you think I could have gotten her pregnant from that I didn't ...

I'm 17 and My Girlfriend is Pregnant. What Should I Do? - Pregnancy ...


I'm not sure what to do if my girlfriend is pregnant. ... You should also begin to talk about your concerns and how you think the pregnancy will impact each of you.

My Girlfriend's Pregnant | I Got My GF Pregnant - Teen Breaks


A guys guide to understanding your girlfriend's pregnancy. ... crazy, just stop for a minute and think about what your girlfriend is feeling - the very same things!

My girlfriend may be pregnant... please help.. (15 yrs) - Pregnancy ...


Feb 6, 2003 ... My girlfriend and I had sex for the first time roughly 3 weeks ago. ... so when we think we have become pregnant, if our nipples look dark, then ...

My girlfriend thinks she's pregnant, what can I do to help? - Quora


Ejaculate inside her again. That will probably help reinforce the thought that she's pregnant. ... I think my girlfriend is pregnant is it possible? What would you ...

Surprise Pregnancy? Here's All of the Advice a Man Needs | GQ


Jul 15, 2014 ... Here's how to respond to your girlfriend, hookup buddy, or complete ... Ask her how she's doing and what she's thinking. ... "I didn't even have my jacket fully off when she announced, 'We're pregnant,' " he remembers.

What should I do if my girlfriend is pregnant? - Quora


Discuss the issue with your girlfriend. What does she want to do? Does she want to carry the .... Think of all the things that could go wrong. I know you guys want ...

Pregnancy - Am I? Is She? - WashingTeenHelp


You think you or your partner may be pregnant, but you don't know for sure. .... When my girlfriend told me she was pregnant, I felt devastated, and fear like I've ...

How to React When Your Girlfriend Tells You She's Pregnant


If your girlfriend tells you she's pregnant, it can be quite a shock. ... with you, but I' m willing to talk about it and change my mind if we think another option is better.

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20 side effects of pregnancy: What your girlfriends won't tell you


A view on the side effects of pregnancy from a mother. ... If you've already had children, you understand and think much of this is funny because you can relate.

11 early signs of pregnancy you shouldn't be ignoring - SheKnows


Sep 15, 2016 ... My girlfriend hadn't had her period in 2 months she took 2 pregnancy ..... ill c if i get any more things that would make me think that im pregnant.

How do I know if my girlfriend is pregnant? | Reference.com


While the only fully reliable method of pregnancy detection is a blood test from a ... I Think My Girlfriend Is Pregnant · Warning Signs of Being Pregnant · Signs to ...