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This Crazy BioShock Infinite Easter Egg Can't Be Real... Can It?


Apr 1, 2013 ... It's got to be a coincidence. It simply can't be real… right? But… what if it is? ( Warning: Extreme BioShock Infinite Story Spoilers Follow.

Bioshock Infinite Secrets: Easter Eggs Revealed [List] : Tech ...


Apr 22, 2013 ... BioShock Infinite didn't just have a crazy story and interesting gameplay, the developers also found the time to hide a number of Easter Eggs throughout the experience. Here are the ones ... Overvalued MLB Players You Can't Help But Love ... Mexican Astrophysicist Explains Real Origin of the Universe.

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Mar 27, 2013 ... Full BioShock Infinite Walkthrough Will Be Here! ... you dont have to push B A 2 times, just once as you can see! pretty cool easter egg! subscribe for more ... Are there any other ways?.. sorry i can't get it.. ... AGREED! crazy.
www.ask.com/youtube?q=This Crazy Bioshock Infinite Easter Egg Can't Be Real: Can It?&v=3uigcPtdAIg
Jul 31, 2013 ... Bioshock Infinite - Clash in the Clouds - Easter Egg Ending with a Splicer .... when you first enter the museum room? im like... going crazy trying to find it  ... I can't explain how pumped I am to return to rapture again XD.

Ken Levine discusses BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 1's ...


Nov 16, 2013 ... As you begin Burial at Sea it's fair to assume that it can only be this version of DeWitt ... died appear through Episode 1, which subtly hint at his real persona. ... People used to ask me with Infinite if there would be Rapture Easter eggs. ..... Didn't really enjoy this and can't in all honesty see where ...

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... BioShock Infinite · Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ - BioShock Infinite: Clash In The Clouds DLC ... Why We Can't Stop Online Free-to-Play · Why the 2DS ...

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Apr 1, 2013 ... Bioshock Infinite | Official Spoiler Thread | Gaming Community. ... She then kills him before the choice can be made, and as Booker dies, since Liz can no longer be alive, she ..... WHY IS COMSTOCK A CRAZY RACIST BUT NOT BOOKER? .... EASTER EGGS & GREAT FINDS/THOUGHTS FROM GAFFERS.

BioShock: Infinite Violates Religious Beliefs, Valve Offers Refund ...


Apr 16, 2013 ... If you haven't already played BioShock: Infinite and have managed to avoid spoilers, you're ... You can't simply go "Oh, well, "real" Christians didn'fight the crusades. .... 7 Crazy Imports You Won't Believe · Top 10 Uncharted Easter Eggs · The 10 Most Blatant ... The Sc...

'BioShock: Infinite' Director Explains Importance of Elizabeth


'BioShock: Infinite' is bringing a new companion in to the mix, but just how important the character of Elizabeth is to the series and the developer can't be understated. ... “Initially we said, well, everyone you meet is going to be crazy like in Bioshock. But then we began to .... The Best Easter Eggs You Missed in ' F...

Bioshock on Pinterest | Bioshock Infinite, Bioshock 2 and Big Sisters


Bioshock Infinite Easter eggs with spoilers #VideoGames ... I miss you crazy bitches! Bioshock More .... No, you can't do this to one of the best games ever created. You put a worthless ..... A real working Voxophone as seen in Bioshock Infinite.

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List of all in-game references and easter eggs! - 2K Forums


A video concerning Bioshock Infinite's musical Easter Eggs though it is an ... It was originally listed for Spring of 2012 (Can't remember the month, March or April maybe?) ... pistol in Bioshock from the crazy splicer with it in the baby carriage. ..... The newspaper in Back to the Future is referencing a real event.

The 50 Greatest Video Game Easter Eggs of All Time - Mashable


Oct 22, 2013 ... Nothing is more exciting than finding an Easter Egg in your favorite game. ... For those of us who didn't get enough of Bioshock Infinite -- and really, who did? ... Every named character you kill is not only a real historical figure, but their death in the game is in ... We really can't see how he can hold a gr...

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Bioshock Infinite Easter eggs with spoilers #VideoGames. Some #bioshock # infinite ...... Little Sister (from Bioshock) #videogame #cosplay | AWA 2013 I can't.. . I'm gonna cry so hard. .... geekologie.com. bio shock whoop whoop- almost wish this place was real ..... Crazy Good BioShock 2 Little Sister And Big Sister Cosplay.