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This insect spreads parasites when it drinks blood of animals


An insect that spreads parasites when it drinks blood of animals? Mosquito spreads parasites when it drinks the blood of an animal. 12 people found this useful.

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An animal that lives in another plant or animal and eats that plant or animals without killing it. ... This insect spreads parasites when it drinks the blood of animals.

6 Real-Life Blood Sucking Animals More Terrifying than Dracula


Oct 9, 2014 ... Dracula is probably best known for drinking blood. ... That's because when the mosquito sucks up your blood, it leaves behind ... Mosquitoes may be just the worst, but they've got their own blood sucking parasites to contend with. ... If mosquitoes are flying dirty syringes that spread disease among humans, ...

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Jul 30, 2012 ... Loa loa This disease is spread by the bite of the innocuous mango fly, but ... Once on your face the bug feeds on blood from your lips or your eyelids ... As the insect feeds it also defecates, and that's how a tiny single celled ... Jellyfish nets won't protect you either because this tiny animal can slip throu...

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Jan 20, 2014 ... Dog poop can carry several harmful parasites and diseases. ... Heartworms come from mosquito bites and fecal matter is not ... They feed on blood, so large infections of hookworms are problematic. ... Contaminated poop that's left un- scooped washes away with rain water and then other animals drink it.

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Dec 29, 2014 ... Giardia is a Protozoal parasites often from contaminated drinking water. ... Symptoms in humans: Cough, shortness of breath, abdominal pain, blood in stool ... sarcoptic mange causes a rash of red bumps, similar to mosquito bites. ... that is spread through contact with the urine of an infected animal.

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Parasites affect just about every form of life, including nearly all animals, plants, and even ... cholera, and dysentery—from drinking or bathing in contaminated water. ... Other types of parasitic protozoa infect the blood or tissues of their hosts. ...... Controlling the insects that spread some parasitic diseases also is important.

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Comprehensive list of synonyms for types of insect, by Macmillan Dictionary and Thesaurus. ... noun. an insect that feeds on the blood of animals or people ... their blood. Some types of mosquito can spread a serious disease called malaria. ... a flying insect in Africa that bites people and animals in order to drink their blood.

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Aug 7, 2013 ... The blood-sucking mosquitos drink for an average of four minutes. ... for blood vessels, which suggests that the malaria-causing parasite, ... understanding how a mosquito bites and preventing the spread of malaria .... New 'supermeat' can be grown in the lab without an animal in sight; How British are YOU ....

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Blood may be seen oozing from the mouth, nose, and anus of animals that died of anthrax. ... Human brucellosis is prevented by not drinking unpasteurized dairy products, ... Cyrptosporidium is a protozoal parasite that causes diarrhea. ... The disease is spread by direct contact with infected skin or through biting insects.

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Which animal spreads parasites when it drinks the blood of animals


The female Anopheles mosquito. The mosquito spreads viruses such as those that lead to malaria, yellow fever and dengue fever, as a byproduct of.

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May 17, 2011 ... This insect spreads parasites when it linked together.10. Zebra eats grass. Lion eats zebra. drinks the blood of animals.What is this an example ...

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They'll drink your blood, worm their way into your body and take over your mind. ... After a snail accidentally eats this flatworm's eggs, parasites develop in the ... where it devours the insect from the inside to form a cocoon from which it will later ... it slides inside at a joint and spreads feeding tubes throughout its hos...