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A limerick is a form of poetry in five-line, predominantly anapestic meter with a strict rhyme ... The defining "foot" of a limerick's meter is usually the anapaest, (ta- ta-TUM), ... I...

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How many feet are in the first line of The poem Portrait by a neighbor? 3. 1 person found ... Poem containing the line to slip these earthly bounds? High Flight by ...

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A metrical foot of three syllables, two short (or unstressed) followed by one long ... There is a caesura right after the question mark in the first line of this sonnet by ...

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The first word tells us the type of foot, and the second word tells us the ... foot (n): a group of stressed and unstressed syllables in a line of poetry ... syllables it contains; an eight syllable line is octosyllabic, a ten syllable line is decasyllabic, etc.

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Anapest is a poetic device defined as a metrical foot in a line of a poem that contains three syllables wherein the first two syllables are short and unstressed ...

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The shortest line of poetry contains only one foot (monometer); one of the longest ... Sometimes the three-line stanza is so arranged that the first and third line of ...

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A metrical foot, spondee is a beat in a poetic line which consists of two ... Longfellow has written this poem in tetrameter, which means the lines of this poem contains four ... In this example, the first line contains spondee in first two syllables.

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Definition of Dactyl. Dactyl is a metrical foot, or a beat in a line, containing three syllables in which first one is accented followed by second and third unaccented  ...

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A poetic line is written in metrical feet – a unit between oral pauses. It is important ... Every line of good poetry contains its music and its treasures. ... Look at this famous first line from Walt Whitman's masterful 13-line poem, After The Sea-Ship: .



Latin poetry borrowed Greek poetic meters as well as Greek forms after early ... meter: the first line, which contains six feet, is a hexameter line; the second, ...