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"Thou shalt not commit adultery", one of the Ten Commandments, is found at Exodus 20:14 of the Tanakh and Old Testament. What constitutes adultery is not  ...

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Thou shalt not commit adultery. Holman Christian Standard Bible Do not commit adultery. International Standard Version "You are not to commit adultery.

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Thou shalt not commit adultery by Baron Henri de Triqueti (1803-74). 1837. Bronze bas-relief panel on the door of the Madeleine Place de La Madeleine, Paris.

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We still hear the voice of Jehovah as it thundered down from Mount Sinai, commanding, “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” (Ex. 20:14.) For over three thousand ...

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Dec 1, 2014 ... Because adultery can destroy the foundational uni. ... I mean, "You shall not kill" is a perfect exemple, it's not because I'm a white atheist student ...

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Thou shalt not kill.Thou shalt not commit adultery.Thou shalt not steal.Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour. is thy neighbour's.'>Thou shalt not ...

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Oct 27, 2013 ... We're in commandment number seven, which simply says this: “You shall not commit adultery.” “You shall not commit adultery.” One of the ...

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The commandment to not commit adultery sounds easy, but it's not. What is adultery, exactly? The Hebrews defined it differently than people today do.

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Mar 17, 2011 ... The seventh commandment seems easy enough to follow: Do not commit adultery. But as ... EXODUS 20:14 “You shall not commit adultery.” 1.

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Thou shalt not commit adultery - Adultery, as defined by our laws, is of two kinds; double, when between two married persons; single, when one of the parties is ...

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Why is it wrong to commit adultery? Thou shalt not commit adultery! ... In Leviticus 18:20, God told Moses, “Do not have sexual relations with your neighbor's wife ...

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The Seventh Commandment is recorded in Exodus 20:14: “You shall not commit adultery.” This timeless law has never been more relevant than today.

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5 Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of ... 14 Thou shalt not commit adultery.