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About Thrips
Thrips are tiny sap-sucking pests that damage various plants, but you can control them using chemical, cultural and mechanical methods.... More »
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Thrips (order Thysanoptera) are minute slender insects with fringed wings and unique asymmetrical mouthparts. Different thrips species feed mostly on plants by ...


Thrips. There are more than 6,000 thrips species sucking the life from plants all over the world. Get rid of them naturally without resorting to toxic sprays by using  ...


Learn more about thrips on Orkin.com, including how to control thrips and what they look like.


Tips for identifying, controlling, and getting rid of thrips in your garden from The Old Farmer's Almanac.


Thrips are small, fast-moving insects and can come in many forms, from pale wormy looking things to dark winged insects, depending on the stage of life and ...


UC home and landscape guidelines for control of Thrips.


Thrips can suck the juices out of your plants, giving the leaves a mottled appearance. Learn all about thrips and how to control them here.


A thrips (yes, thrips, with an “s” is the singular and plural versions of this pest's name) is not only known for the direct plant damage it causes, but also for the ...


Thrips are tiny insects which have piercing mouth parts which can do damage to most any plant. If given the chance, they will take advantage of garden spec.