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Not to be confused with Berger's disease (IgA nephropathy). Thromboangiitis obliterans, also known as Buerger disease is a recurring progressive inflammation ...

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Oct 20, 2014 ... Thromboangiitis obliterans (Buerger disease) is caused by small blood vessels that become inflamed and swollen. The blood vessels then ...

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Thromboangiitis obliterans is inflammatory thrombosis of small and medium- sized arteries and some superficial veins, causing arterial ischemia in distal ...

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Dec 7, 2015 ... Buerger's disease is also called thromboangiitis obliterans. It's a disease that causes blockages in the blood vessels of your feet and hands.

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Apr 27, 2010 ... Thromboangiitis obliterans is a segmental nonatherosclerotic inflammatory disorder that involves primarily the small and medium arteries, veins ...

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Thromboangiitis obliterans or Buerger's disease is a segmental occlusive inflammatory condition of arteries and veins, characterized by thrombosis and ...

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Nov 10, 2012 ... Thromboangiitis obliterans (Buerger disease) is caused by small blood vessels that become inflamed and swollen. The blood vessels then ...

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Oct 30, 2015 ... Thromboangiitis obliterans, also called Buerger's disease, is a nonatherosclerotic , segmental, inflammatory disease that most commonly affects ...

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Curr Opin Rheumatol. 2006 Jan;18(1):18-24. Thromboangiitis obliterans ( Buerger's disease). Olin JW(1), Shih A. Author information: (1)Zena and Michael A.

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Buerger Disease (Thromboangiitis obliterans). Authoritative facts about the skin from DermNet New Zealand.

Buerger's Disease
Buerger's disease, also called thromboangiitis obliterans, causes blockages in the blood vessels of the feet and hands. This can cause pain, tissue damage, and even tissue death. More »
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Nov 19, 2015 ... Thromboangiitis obliterans (TAO), an inflammatory vasculopathy also known as Buerger disease, is characterized by an inflammatory ...

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Jan 28, 2016 ... Buerger's disease (thromboangiitis obliterans) is a rare disease of the arteries and veins in the arms and legs. In Buerger's disease, your blood ...

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Synonyms: thromboangiitis obliterans, endangitis obliterans von Winiwarter- Buerger, Winiwarter-Buerger syndrome, Winiwarter-Manteuffel-Buerger syndrome ...