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This was the result of habitat loss and the ongoing killing of tigers and tiger prey. Today, their fragmented and partly ...

Habitats of the Tiger

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Most Tigers live in Asia, specifically throughout Southeast Asia, China, Korea and Russia. Tigers like to live in swamps, grasslands,and rain forests. Usually ...

Tiger Habitats - Tigers


Tiger Habitats. An animal's habitat is the area in which it would naturally choose to live. Generally, each species will have a fairly specific habitat that displays ...

Where do tigers live? And other fun tiger facts | Stories | WWF


Around 3,890 wild tigers roam forests and savannas today. Tigers are poached for their parts and lose habitat to human activity every day. WWF's is committed to  ...

Tiger Habitat - Tiger Facts and Information


Tigers use to had a huge habitat because they are able to adapt to different types of environments which range from the Siberian taiga to open grasslands and ...

Bengal Tiger - Rainforest Animals


stripes of the Bengal Tiger aid it in being able to stalk and get close to prey. Habitat. Bengal tigers live in tropical rainforests, forests and mangroves in southern ...

Sumatran Tiger (P. tigris sumatrea) | Rainforest Alliance


Habitat: In the wild, the Sumatran tiger is found only on Sumatra -- a large island in ... forests to mountain forests and resides in a number of unprotected areas.

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Tigers live in the rainforest as well as in a range of other habitats. The five tiger subspecies that are still alive are found in tropical lowlands, forests, woodlands, ...

Popular Q&A
Q: What is the tiger's habitat?
A: In sunny place the rain forest or just forest the wild i guess they may live in zoos. Read More »
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Q: What is tiger habitat?
A: Tigers like living in forests. Most thrive where it is rather cold. Read More »
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Q: What is a tigers habitat in the wild.
A: a tigers habitat is probably in a wet forest with their tiger cubs but it matters which tiger you mean :). Read More »
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Q: What is a Siberian tiger's habitat.
A: in Siberia. Read More »
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Q: What is the tiger's habitat?
A: Tigers can live in almost any climate and are found in rain forests, snowy forests, oak woods, tall grassland, swamps, & Read More »
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