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A googolplex is the number 10, or equivalently, 10<sup>10100</sup>. Written out in ordinary decimal ... Writing the number would take an extreme amount of time: if a person can write two...

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May 9, 2013 ... How long for a computer to write out a Googolplex .... to print the value, its pretty safe to say that the time required > the age of the universe.

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A googolplex is a one followed by a googol of zeros (or is it "followed ... eighteen months, a computer can "write" a googolplex in half the time.



The worlds second largest number with a name. The number One followed by a googol of zeros.

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Therefore, now is a good time to look at the googol and googolplex and talk .... Therefore the vast majority of the time one would spend writing a googolplex ...

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Sep 16, 2002 ... But this time, the zeroes are stretching out to infinity and beyond. ... It turned out to be rather simple to write a computer program that actually ...

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Mar 12, 2012 ... To make a list like this I could simply write down a massive number ... A one with a hundred zeros after it, a googolplex is a 1 with a googol zeros after it. ... This alone is much much bigger than the Poincare Recurrence time, ...

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Sep 4, 2014 ... Graham's number is also bigger than a googolplex, which Milton initially ... room in the Universe to write down all googol+1 digits of a googolplex. ... that was, at the time, the biggest explicitly defined number ever published.

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By the time we get to 600 quintillion dots, the image would cover the surface of the ... What I wrote above is just the exponent—actually writing a googolplex out ...

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To write out a googolplex it would take more surface area than we have on the earth ... is possible to calculate (Which I'm sure it isn't on your everyday computer) it will most likely take an infinite amount of time to complete.

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Keep in mind that this is like writing 1,000,000 for a million. Counting to a million ( i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4, ...) would take a much longer time (and more paper).

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Jul 16, 2016 ... Longer than the universe has. There isn't enough chalk in the universe. By a long ... How long (time) would it take to write out a googolplex in 1' numbers with chalk on the pavement? How long (distance) would it be?

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Date: 11/18/97 at 00:02:53 From: Eich Subject: Googolplex Can you tell me how many ... For instance, the number of seconds since the beginning of time is only ... you still would not have been able to write down a googolplex, since there are  ...