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1600s[edit]. 1607 - Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in the Americas, founded in the Colony of Virginia.

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Header for the historical and cultural timeline section home. 1600's. 1605, bracket, Miguel de Cervantes's Don Quixote de la Mancha, the first modern novel .

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... Math Flashcards · The Tallest Buildings in the World · Greek and Roman Mythology. Go. Dictionary · Encyclopedia · Thesaurus · Almanac · Atlas · Timelines.

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America's Best History - Pre-Revolution United States Timeline 1600-1699.

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Timeline 17th Century: 1600-1625. Return to .... 1600s Portuguese traders brought the cassava root to Africa from Brazil to feed their slaves. (NH, 7/96, p.13)

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1600s. 1646. First church built by the Swedes consecrated on Tinicum Island. 1677. Second Swedes church dedicated, in Southwark, below the present ...

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Sisterhood and After · Timelines: Sources from History · Asians in Britain · Medieval ... 1600s; 1610s; 1620s; 1630s; 1640s; 1650s; 1660s; 1670s; 1680s; 1690s ...

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Virginia History Timeline. 1600s. (1607) Jamestown, first permanent English settlement established; Indians attacked, killed 1, wounded 11; John Smith captured ...

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Louisiana History Timeline. 1500s - 1600s. (1519) Spanish explorer Alonso de Pineda reached the mouth of Mississippi River; (1541-42) Hernando de Soto ...

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Timeline of Events c. 1400–1850. 8.5.1 b c. 1400–early. 1600s. Renaissance culture (arts, science, ideas) begins in Italy and spreads though. Europe: freedom  ...

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Timeline: 1600 - 1700. Before 1600 | 1600 - 1700 | 1700 - 1800 | 1800 - 1900 | 1900 - 2000 | American Revolution Timeline | Cold War Timeline.

World History Timeline: 17th Century (1601 to 1700)


Attitudes and global events during the first decade of the 17th century with links to all decades of the century. Each item one paragraph listed by the year.

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General European Timeline, 1450-1700. If you prefer, you may jump directly to the start of a decade or search via the "Search" function (Ctrl-S) in Mosaic.