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Timothy-grass (Phleum pratense) is an abundant perennial grass native to most of Europe except for the Mediterranean region. It is also known simply as ... More »


Mar 20, 2016 ... Timothy grass is a cool season perennial grass with rapid growth. The benefits of Timothy grass are numerous. Use the information found in ...


Oct 7, 2009 ... and timothy hay is a premium feed for horses. ... for this species for further information. ... Timothy is different from most grasses in that one or.


Timothy Grass hay is a premium feed for thoroughbred horses, pleasure horses, ranch horses as well and for your favorite furry pets.


May 15, 2013 ... Description. Timothy grass (Phleum pratense) is a cool-season perennial grass from temperate regions. It grows in erect culms 50 cm to 1 m tall ...


Buy timothy hay seed, which is timothy grass seed, from La Crosse Forage and ... Timothy hay seed is also used for silage and wildlife seed mixes. ... Description.


Plant Information. Timothy Grass will grow in full sun to moderate shade and grows best when fertilized. It will bloom from May to June.


The information contained in these web pages has not been verified for correctness. ... Timothy is the most popular grass in New York, with the majority of New ...


Timothy (Phleum pratense L.) is a perennial, bunch-type, shallow-rooted, cool- season grass that ... PA Pest Information Platform (PA PIPE) ... Timothy is the most popular grass grown in New York State, with the majority of New York's hay crop ...


Basic Information About Timothy Grass Allergy. Grass description: grass has flat leaves and grows two to four feet tall; Allergy type: Non-food allergy, grass ...