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Spa tipping is customary at spas, but how much and how you handle it depends on what kind of spa you're going to. Find out more about spa tipping.

How much should you tip at the spa? | HowStuffWorks


Tipping can be a hassle if you don't understand the going rate for a particular service. The anxiety and potential embarrassment factor can even spoil the ...

Advice on Spa Treatment Tipping Etiquette - Beauty Etiquette Tips


Dec 15, 2010 ... Should you trim before a bikini wax? Tip the hair washer and stylist? Here's the inside scoop on maneuvering beauty's most awkward moments.

Spa tipping: A recession-friendly guide to gratuities | | Well+Good


Jun 10, 2010 ... How much to tip at the spa can be fraught with anxiety, which kinda defeats the purpose of going. So we took the guesswork out of the gratuity ...

Tipping at medi spas? | Burlingame | Yelp


Well I just had a photo facial at a medi spa and I did not tip. I have a follow up microdermabrasion this Friday where I will tip. What are the tipping rules for ...

Should I tip the masseuse? - massage tipping massagetherapist ...


Just as a data point, when I have a massage in a spa, I tip about ... to pay the bill by card and then bring cash in the amount of 20% for tipping, ...

How Much Should You Really Tip for Beauty Services? - Birchbox


Even beauty editors like us agree that tipping for beauty treatments is clearly a ... The salon or spa only takes cash for tip and I only have a card—what do I do?

Tipping in Salons and Spas | Enlighten Me


It is said the word “tips” originally comes from an acronym of the phrase “To Insure Perfect Service.” Whether that is legend or fact, it is a good rule of.

What is the consensus on tipping with in a Medical Spa? - spsscs


I think that if the facility has the connotation of “spa”, then tipping, in “spas” around ... After all, you can call any facility by any name, (medical spa. salon, clinical ...

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Nov 8, 2001 ... Peggy Post answers your etiquette questions about gratuities at a spa.

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Spa etiquette is easy once you know a few basics. Here's everything you Do you ... Spa Etiquette. Everything You Need to Know, From Stripping To Tipping.

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If you"re running late, you lose - spas often can"t push your appointment back more ... Some spas include gratuity in the price, so it"s always best to check before.

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Going to the spa for the first time can be a daunting experience. What is the etiquette? Do you tip? What do you wear? How do you act?