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How to Win Long Jump - 7 Easy Steps (with Pictures)

Do you want to win every long jump competition you ever compete in? Well, read on ... Tips. Look off in the distance and pick a point as if you were to land there. for Long Jump&v=vcLBrZvV05Q
Jun 19, 2013 ... Dwight Phillips, 2004 Olympic Long Jump Gold Medalist and three time World Outdoor Champion, reviews the basics and techniques of the ...

Long Jump - Sports Coach

To achieve maximum distance in the long jump the athlete will have to balance three components - speed, technique and strength.

Long Jump Tips - Track And Field Tips

Read these 9 Long Jump Tips tips to make your life smarter, better, faster and wiser. Each tip is approved by our Editors and created by expert writers so great ...
Long jump technique – the start: "I try to have my athletes have a walk-in or a run-in start, or if they want to do a standing start, then just make sure they have another check mark, either the first step out or, really, the first cycle – the second step out.” So if y... More »
By Mike Rosenbaum, Guide

Long Jump Technique and Training by Jim Giroux

By Jim Giroux. To the casual observer the long jump would appear to be one of the most basic of all track & field events. Athletes run up to a takeoff board and ...

Long Jump Secrets To Success - Improved Athletic Performance

Some athletes and coaches view the long jump as simply an event that involves running and jumping. ... Here are some really useful tips for a successful jump: ...

Long Jump Coaching Video Youtube — Digital Track and Field

Four elements of the long jump Approach Take-off In-air technique Landing The video ... Training tips and tutorials from top high school and college coaches.


The running long jump is an event that demands perhaps the greatest amounts of raw .... Mike Pullins: 25 Tips & Drills for Coaching Horizontal Jumps (DVD) ...

Long Jump Drills and Tips — Digital Track and Field

Long Jump Drills and Tips. Coach Travis Geopfert. University of Arkansas. Pop Ups and Penultimate Drills. Continuous pop-ups. Most specific plyometric drill for  ...

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Q: Tips for running long jump?
A: i was a senior in high school this past spring and i jumped 18s consistantly. the biggest thing with long jump is being able to use ur momentum. what helps me i... Read More »
Q: And 200m hurdle tips, and long jump tips too?
A: If you are going to run the long hurdles it will be good if you can learn to use both legs as lead legs. Then when you get tired and your stride length shortens... Read More »
Q: What are some long jump tips?
A: As in the high jump, where you look is where you'll go. Long jumpers need to have a visual focus during... Read More »
Q: Long Jump Technique Tips.
A: Hello Paul, Thank you for your question, It is quite possible that your injury is still effecting you.  Be sure to see a physical therapist, so they can analyze... Read More »
Q: How to Do The Long Jump.
A: Instructions. Stand at the jumping point just before the sand starts and take 21 long paces to provide adequate distance between you and the sand. Perform a sta... Read More »