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Debating Tips
Fear of public speaking is one of the most commonly held phobias, and when the speaking event takes the form of a debate it adds a "winner" and "loser" aspect to the discourse. There are some tips that can make the debate more productive than painful,... More »
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Here are the 12 best short pieces of debate advice we've ever received.

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Oct 2, 2012 ... 5 Tips for Winning a Debate. You might not be on a national stage like Mitt Romney and President Obama, but you can take some cues from the ...

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Quick Tips for Winning Debates. While teachers dream of lofty goals of world peace, the average debater is interested in one thing: how to win a round. Here are ...

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DEBATING MATTERS TOP TIPS. We asked past debaters to provide students entering the competition for the first time with some advice. Below is a selection of  ...

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Click Here to download Debate 101: This is a helpful guide to Policy Debate written by Bill & Will Smelko detailing everything you need to know from Rudiments ...

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Two Methods:Sample DebatesPerforming Well in a Debate .... Tips. Each of your arguments should be convincing. Don't just go on giving points; this ends up ...


Here are my top ten debating tips... 1. Prepare well. Know what you are going to say, what your team members are going to say and have some idea of what the ...

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Debating can help you develop many abilities, like reasoning, research and speaking skills. Stay ahead with these debating tips.

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Jun 21, 2012 ... You'd better learn to quarrel up a storm, because from negotiating difficult deals at work to dealing with heated emotional conflicts, debating is a ...

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Q: Tips for Debates.
A: To have a strong argument it must be supported by facts, statistics, figures and/or quotations. Research is required on the topic that you are debating in order... Read More »
Q: Tips on debates?
A: one tip about debate is to research on what the other team is gonna talk about, get a little idea about some things that they could say to be against you and be... Read More »
Q: Tips on debating?
A: General Research Guides for Students: Easy to use links that will help with all your research needs, try typing a keyword or two into the search engine and see ... Read More »
Q: Tips on debating?
A: Once you pick your side of the argument, try to think of the things your opponents will say. Then come up with logical, evidence based arguments to counter thei... Read More »
Q: What are some good tips on debating?
A: If you mean Debating as in arguing. Try to come up with arguments that the other side might use, and find effective counter arguments for them. Have lots of evi... Read More »