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How to Have a First Kiss (with Pictures) - wikiHow

If you haven't yet experienced your first kiss, it can be a daunting challenge. This article ... This article assumes the reader is heterosexual, but apply the tips as you like! Ad ... This will let him know you are ready to get up close and personal.

Strategies That Guarantee You'll Get the First Kiss | PowerofSoul ...

Oct 9 • Dating Tips For Men • 42441 Views • No Comments on Strategies That Guarantee You'll ... Getting the first kiss can feel like a real pain in the ass at times .

Can't-Miss Tips for Getting the First Kiss with a Girl | Girls Chase

Dec 22, 2011 ... The first kiss is one of the most crucial, make-or-break moments with a girl – and most guys blow it. Make yours a resounding success.

How to Tell if She Wants a Kiss - eHarmony Advice

If so, you might even be able to get the short first kiss in right then. If she seems .... I also have some tips for guys on how to kiss a girl, hope you find it interesting ...

15 Secrets to Make Your First Kiss More Memorable - LovePanky

If you want to have a memorable first kiss that's full of sparks and fiery passion, learn ... [Read: 6 ways to get any guy to kiss you when you want him to] ... If you' ve used all the tips so far and your date reciprocates your touches by touching you ...

7 Tips on Kissing a Guy for the First Time ... → Love

Just keep reading these great tips on kissing a #guy for the first time and it'll be all smooth smooching from there! ... Finish article and get reward. 7 Tips on ...

The Top 10 Mistakes that Blow the First Kiss - SoSuave

Let's look at the top mistakes men make going for the first kiss, and show you ... This is a common problem for men who want to get to the bottom line, and "get .... will send you the best of the best — the articles and tips that will change your life!

The First Kiss - Attract And Get Women

Mar 21, 2014 ... The first kiss with a woman can be great, but it can also be awkward and ... receive tips, tricks, and updates to help you attract and get women.

10 Kissing Tips Guys Need To Know | Kisstixx

Apr 2, 2013 ... 10 Kissing Tips Guys Need To Know. 1) Brush your teeth. ... Even on the first kiss it is okay to touch the girl's face or neck. Don't use your hands ...

First kiss - AskMen

Feb 1, 2006 ... Once I get past that first kiss and I know that she's attracted to me, I'm fine. ... So do you have any tips on the proper execution of the first kiss?

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Q: Any tips on getting a good first kiss?
A: Don't try to make it fancy, because it will probably end up awkward. Also, don't try and plan it out, or else you might be disappointed. I'd say just let it be ... Read More »
Q: Can u give me tips on how to get my first kiss?
A: Girl I'm 15 and I haven't gotten a boyfriend yet. LOL just go for it. Read More »
Q: What are some tips for the first kiss?
A: close your eyes and make sure your breath smells fresh. oh and also make sure u r ready and not too scared or shaky. Read More »
Q: What are some tips for the first kiss?
A: close your eyes.. Read More »
Q: What are tips for a first kiss?
A: The First Kiss: Proceed slowly, making sure your partner feels comfortable. Hold Read More »