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List of tomato diseases

This article is a list of diseases of tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum). Contents. hide]. 1 Bacterial diseases; 2 Fungal diseases; 3 Nematodes, parasitic; 4 Viral, ...

HGIC 2217 Tomato Diseases & Disorders - Clemson University

Tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum) can be grown on almost any moderately well- drained soil type. A good supply of organic matter can increase yield and ...

Tomato Disease Identification Key - Vegetable MD Online

Tomato Disease Identification Key By Affected Plant Part: Stem and Whole Plant Symptoms ... Tomato bunchy top; Tomato apical stunt; Tomato planta macho ...

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Mar 28, 2015 ... Learn how to spot the symptoms of several tomato diseases, including early blight, late blight and nematodes, and adopt strategies to keep ...
However if you know your area is prone to a certain disease, you should look for varieties that are listed as resistant. Early Blight Early Blight can affect the foliage, stems and fruit of tomatoes. Symptoms: Dark spots with concentric rings develop on older leaves f... More »
By Marie Iannotti, Guide

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Tomatoes are fun to grow, but they are susceptible to many infections. Tomato diseases are caused by bacteria, fungi, and viruses. They spread through the soil , ...

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Tomato Disorders tomatoes ... reproduction of the images in the publication “ Tomato Diseases-A Practical Guide for Seedsmen, Growers & Agricultural Advisors.

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Learning how to grow tomatoes is a popular vegetable gardening pastime. And nothing ruins a homemade crop of tomatoes faster than tomato plant diseases ...

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Tomato diseases and disorders | Diseases in outdoor production. 1. PM 1266 Revised August 2006 by Mark L. Gleason and Brooke A. Edmunds,. Department of ...

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Page 1 of 7. Visit us on the Web: A Visual Guide: Tomato Foliage, Stem & Root Problems. Disease prevention. This guide lists the most ...

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Q: The tomato disease?
A: it is not a tomato disease it is tomatoes that are laced with salmonella here is more info more precise then I could type in here Read More »
A: Ken: These are my thoughts: 1. If you have not rotated your crops then there is a chance that a root fungus could be causeing the problem. 2. Pull up a dieing p... Read More »
Q: How to treat tomato diseases
A: A summer vegetable garden is not complete without tomatoes. As wonderful as tomatoes are, and as fun and rewarding as they are to grow, they are not without pro... Read More »
Q: How to treat tomato diseases
A: Tomatoes are notoriously picky plants. Tomatoes are in the potato family, which makes them susceptible to tens, if not hundreds of pest and disease problems; ho... Read More »
Q: What tomato disease make holes on the tomato fruits?
A: the holes could be made by insects eating the tomatos. Read More »