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The Tongue
The peripheral gustatory or taste organs consist of certain modified epithelial cells arranged in flask-shaped groups termed gustatory calyculi (taste-buds), which are found on the tongue and adjacent parts. They occupy nests in the stratified... More »

Tongue map


It is illustrated with a schematic map of the tongue, with certain parts of the tongue labeled for each taste. Although widely taught in schools, this was scientifically ...

The Tongue Map: Tasteless Myth Debunked - LiveScience


Aug 29, 2006 ... The notion that the tongue is mapped into four areas—sweet, sour, salty and bitter—is wrong. There are five basic tastes identified so far, and ...

The tongue taste map is WRONG, scientists reveal | Daily Mail Online


Nov 10, 2014 ... In school we're taught that our tongues have specific areas that are susceptible to different tastes: salty, bitter, sour, sweet or savoury.

Really? - The Claim - Tongue Is Mapped Into Four Areas of Taste ...


Nov 10, 2008 ... High school textbooks call it the tongue map — that colorful illustration that neatly divides the human tongue into sections according to taste ...

That neat and tidy map of tastes on the tongue you learned in school ...


Jul 7, 2015 ... Taste receptors for salty, sweet, bitter and sour are found all over the tongue. ... Different parts of the tongue do have a lower threshold for ...

Taste Map - Exploratorium


Tongue maps - that four distinct tastes (sweet, sour, bitter, salty) are detected by ... see attached) showed that no taste areas of the tongue were sensitive to less ...

Tongues and Tastebuds - science made simple


Oct 14, 2013 ... In 1901, german scientist Deiter Hanig conducted some taste research ... His results suggested that different areas of the tongue had differe.

The Tongue Doesn't Have Zones for Different Tastes


May 11, 2010 ... Today I found out that the tongue doesn't have zones specializing in specific tastes, contrary to popular belief. So why did your third grade ...

How does our sense of taste work? - National Library of Medicine ...


Jan 6, 2012 ... There is a long-held misconception that the tongue has specific zones for each flavor where you can taste sweet or sour, for example, ...

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Q: What are the four tastes areas on the tongue?
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Q: What are the four taste areas on the tongue?
A: Sweet Salty Sour Bitter peace out! p.s peace out isn't a taste! Read More »
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Q: What is the current research about the tongue having four taste a...
A: I am doing a science project on "Does the Human Tongue Have Definite Areas for Certain Tastes?" In my research I have found literature that gives both yes and n... Read More »
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Q: What areas of the tongue taste different flavors?
A: To start with, most people confuse taste with flavor. Taste is a Read More »
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Q: What area on the tongue do you taste salt?
A: It has been said that salt is tasted on the edges of the tongue, but Read More »
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